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Huge win for Florida Gov. DeSantis as federal judge dismisses him as a defendant in controversial migrant law case


Tallahassee, Florida – A federal judge recently made a significant ruling in a lawsuit challenging a new Florida law regarding undocumented immigrants. The law, enacted during the spring legislative session, categorizes the transportation of undocumented immigrants into the state as a felony. This development has sparked a heated debate and led to a legal battle involving several key figures in Florida’s government.

The plaintiffs in this case, including the Farmworker Association of Florida and individual plaintiffs, initially filed their lawsuit against various state officials. Among the defendants were Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Statewide Prosecutor Nicholas Cox, and several state attorneys across Florida.

Judge Altman decided to dismiss Governor DeSantis from the case. He reasoned that the governor does not possess the authority to enforce this particular law. Despite this ruling, the remaining defendants, including the Attorney General and Statewide Prosecutor, continue to be part of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The law’s challengers argue that it is unconstitutionally vague. They believe it should be blocked to prevent potential misuse or misinterpretation. Judge Altman’s decision sheds light on the complex nature of legal authority and enforcement in the context of state laws. His ruling stated, “Because the other named defendants in our case have the independent authority to enforce the law — and since Governor DeSantis’s presence in this litigation doesn’t ‘significantly increase the likelihood’ of the plaintiffs obtaining the relief they seek — the plaintiffs lack standing to assert their claims against the governor.”

The dismissal of Governor DeSantis from the lawsuit does not conclude the challenge against the law.

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