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Hundreds of thousands of Central Florida residents moved to Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, other Florida counties


Florida – Migration within the United States is driven by a multitude of factors, including job opportunities, housing affordability, quality of life, and lifestyle preferences. States such as Texas, Florida, and North Carolina have seen significant influxes in recent years, mostly due to their robust economies and favorable tax policies. The recent release of migration flow data by the U.S. Census Bureau, covering the period from 2016 to 2020, unveils significant trends in population movements within the United States, particularly highlighting Central Florida. While over 350,000 people moved to Central Florida from various locations, a significant portion, around 270,000 individuals, chose to leave, with Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, and other parts of Florida emerging as the top destinations for these individuals.

A closer look at the data reveals that more than 170,000 of those who left Central Florida chose to stay within the state, moving to other parts of Florida. The remaining out-migrants favored southern states, with Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina emerging as the top destinations. These choices indicate a preference for the climate, culture, and economic opportunities that the Southern United States offers.

Among the Central Florida counties, Orange County saw the highest number of departures, with 88,233 migrants leaving. This was followed by Seminole, Polk, Brevard, and Volusia counties, each experiencing significant outflows.

In Brevard County alone, an estimated 12,443 residents relocated to other Florida counties, notably Broward, Orange, and Hillsborough. Meanwhile, nearly 14,000 people left the county for other states, with Georgia leading as the top destination, followed by North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Arizona.

Flagler County saw a similar pattern, with approximately 3,195 people moving to other areas within Florida, particularly Volusia, St. Johns, and Gadsden counties. The outflow to states outside Florida was near 2,000, with North Carolina and Ohio being the most popular, alongside Georgia, Colorado, and South Carolina.

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Lake County’s migration dynamics also painted a picture of significant movement, with 12,099 individuals relocating within Florida and nearly 8,000 moving out of state. Texas was the foremost choice for these migrants, followed by Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.

Marion County contributed to the state’s internal migration, with over 10,071 residents moving to other Florida counties, while nearly 6,000 ventured beyond state lines. Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and California were the top picks for those departing Marion County.

Orange County, in contrast, witnessed a substantial migration flow, with an estimated 55,084 people moving to other parts of Florida. The county also saw over 33,000 residents relocate to other states, with Georgia, Texas, and California leading the destinations.

Osceola County’s statistics reveal that 15,243 people moved to other Florida counties, and over 6,200 left the state, with Georgia, Texas, and New York being the top destinations.

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Polk County’s migration figures were equally telling, with 22,776 individuals moving within Florida and over 12,000 relocating to other states, with Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas being the most favored destinations.

Seminole County saw 24,537 of its residents move to other Florida counties, and nearly 11,000 left the state, with Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas as the top out-of-state destinations.

Sumter County’s data showed a smaller scale of movement, with 4,310 people moving within Florida and over 3,000 leaving the state, primarily to Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, indicating varied preferences and reasons for relocation.

Finally, Volusia County experienced significant migration flows, with 11,321 people moving to other Florida counties and over 11,000 relocating out of state. Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina were the top destinations for those leaving Volusia County.

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