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By Sharon Aron Baron

In the latest proposal by 13th Floor homes, Woodlands residents will have no problem leaving their homes — it’s getting back that may be an issue.

On the May 4 agenda in front of the Broward County Commission, a vote would allow the recreational” land designation of two 18-hole golf courses at the Woodlands to be changed to residential,” thus making it possible for developers to move forward with building about 400 homes there. 

If the change in land use designation sails ahead in front of the county commissioners, it goes to the Tamarac City Commission for final approval.

A new off-site transportation system improvement proposal was submitted on April 26 that converts many currently existing two-way roadway entrances and exits to outbound only.

This includes:

  • The entrance/exit at White Oak Lane to outbound only
  • The entrance/exit at Banyan Lane to outbound only
  • The entrance/exit at Holly Drive to outbound only
  • The entrance/exit at Sago Palm Blvd to outbound only — On May 1, 13th Floor updated this to both entrance and exit.
  • The entrance/exit to Bayberry Lane to outbound only

The only way residents would be able to return to their homes would be by entering Woodlands Blvd — and the recently added Sago Palm Blvd.

Map submitted to Broward County April 26, 2021

woodlands 13th floor

After our article went out, this is the new map submitted to Broward County on May 1, 2021

woodlands 13th floor

The updated map was submitted after our article relied on the April 26, 2021 traffic report that 13th Floor had sent to the county.

The new map now shows an ingress and egress at 64th Avenue — an improvement the City of Lauderhill has always objected to and will continue to oppose.  There will also be three locations on Rock Island Road where there will be three exits; two on Rock Island Road with both ingress and egress, and one location on Rock island and Holly Drive, which is outbound only.  

Currently, Rock Island Road between NW 44th Street and Commercial Boulevard is operating at Level of Service F, which is the worst level.  Having three exits at that location will severely overburden an already overburdened roadway.  

A large volume of inbound traffic will likely use Woodlands Boulevard to gain access to both Banyan Lane and White Oak Lane and many side streets, which will become one-way outbound-only streets under the 13th Floor proposal.

woodlands 13th floor
13th Floor proposes a right turn lane at Woodlands Blvd and Commercial. FPL poles would need to be moved to accommodate this.

Another proposal on the map is adding a right turn lane from Woodlands Boulevard to Commercial Blvd. and Rock Island north to Commercial Blvd. This would be a massive undertaking to move FPL infrastructure — or even bury it to create this lane.  There are no proposals as to how they will be doing this.

13th floor homes
13th Floor proposes a right turn lane at Commercial Blvd and Rock Island Road; however, FPL would have to move or bury the lines to accommodate this.

The developer, 13th Floor Homes, says the new homes and upgrades for the entrances to the Woodlands will give the association of about 900 homes a much-needed upgrade. And, so far, three elected officials had agreed: Mayor Michelle Gomez, Commissioner Debra Placko, and former Commissioner Julie Fishman.

The change in land use designation won its first pass in front of the city commission before the election of Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos.  It also passed the county planning council and the county commission last year. Now it is back in front of the county to be adopted.

After that first set of approvals, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)  reviewed the proposal and found many adverse traffic impacts on Commercial Boulevard, Rock Island Road, the turnpike interchanges, and State Road 7, which were already at a failing level of service during commuting hours. 

FDOT recommended that “The city should coordinate with the Department and the county before the adoption of the amendment to determine strategies for reducing, mitigating or eliminating adverse impacts resulting from this amendment, as required by ss.163.3177(6)(b)1.e., Florida Statutes.”  

Between Rock Island Road and the turnpike entrance, Commercial Boulevard is already carrying 24 percent more vehicles than it should be, a transportation specialist found.

Instead of following this recommendation at the proposal’s second hearing in front of the Broward County Planning Council on Feb. 25, it passed with a 12-4 vote. 

Residents are welcome to speak at the May 4 Broward County Commission meeting by registering online no later than 9:30 am on Tuesday, May 4 at RegisterToSpeak.Broward.org.

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5 Responses to "UPDATE: Latest Proposal by 13th Floor Homes Closes 5 Entrances to the Woodlands"

  1. You no longer live here. We don’t need you interfering with our community and most of us do not need your biased one sided opinions.

    • Editor: First of all, according to your IP location, neither do you. Secondly, I am a writer covering news for Woodlands, Tamarac, Coral Springs and Parkland I don’t have to live in the community where I cover the news. Third, this article was not based on a one-sided opinion. This is fact, based on what the Broward County Commission sees on the agenda Tuesday.

  2. After all these entrance closures, the lawsuits will begin. The residents have establish right of way on all these streets. The family of first person who dies because 1st responders can’t get to the person in time will sue the city, the commissioners who voted for this and the developer and Clublink. Will the city ask the BSO and Fire departments of this will cause problems? Will FP&L move those high voltage power lines at Commercial & Rock Island? Will the cities give the developer the land to build the turn lanes? 64th Avenue doesn’t need a right turn lane, it needs a left turn lane. People will use that to avoid the mess that will be Woodlands Blvd. If they are headed east, the traffic will be so slow due to what Woodlands Blvd. will become, they will either go north on 64th or west on Commercial to 70th Ave. north to bypass Commercial Blvd east completely. Question: Where does 13th Floor plan to connect the underground utilities for the new development to the main utility systems? Where will they get clean water? Where will they get the water for fire hydrants? Where will they connect to the sewer system? Where will they connect to the storm water system? Are these systems able to handle the amount of use 3 & 4 bedrooms homes will produce? At the Tamarac Planning & Zoning Board meeting, 13th Floor stated they are using 3 people per home for their calculations. This is way too low. How many single child families will buy a 4 bedroom home? Even the number of school rooms and buses will be impacted by this wrong calculation. So will the need for 1st responders, more homes, more people, more incidents. There is so much wrong with the proposals for this development, including no actual plans for any of this, just a few changing drawings, the county shouldn’t have voted for this, the city shouldn’t and FCOT should say no until a valid plan for traffic is presented. You can’t add 390+ 3 or 4 bedroom homes worth of vehicles to roads already way over capacity and improve anything.

  3. Please, anyone reading this needs to remember that Jeff is the perennial harbinger of doom. All of his allegations are based on conjecture, NO HARD FACTS. His crystal ball is clouded with his own agenda. I never cease to be amazed that he can predict all this doom and gloom. There needs to be major changes in the Woodlands to regain any value. There needs to be concrete data provided to support his allegations before anyone can take him seriously.

  4. I want to ask residents, and glad to read their comments, on the following issue:

    -With outbound-only exits, resident adjacent to existing exist must return home by means of the main entrance. Will this affect home values?

    -Research has shown that open space tends to increase home prices. Couldn’t the old golf courses become parks for the various HOAs in the Woodlands?

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