By: Sharon Aron Baron

This morning, I received a copy of a letter signed by Alan Wise on Ambassador Property Management’s letterhead.  The letter states the following:


There was no signature.

However, in an email I received today it was included along with a letter from Section One President Alan Wise who wrote to Section Two Board members:

“ I accidentally found the City of Tamarac Notice of Meeting about the WNID when I was reading one of my Sunday papers. I do  NOT support the WNID anymore and find all this un-consionable. You might want to share this with Lenny. Patti is getting together a supplemental Newsletter to inform all the Homeowners and share the Power Point info that Joel spoke about at the meeting. We can only hope that when the ballot finally gets mailed that people read it and RETURN it or we can be up the creek! Please read the meeting notice carefully because it has more info than I thought.

We have only begun to fight this lunacy! Pardon the spelling errors but too tired to spellcheck:}

Alan Wise

If this letter went out to homeowners in Section One, they should be advised that important facts were missing. Currently, almost 12 percent of the Woodlands residents do not pay their Common Area Maintenance. The Sections have had to file liens and bring lawsuits to collect those funds incurring costs for section residents for those legal fees and costs.  Unlike the WHOA, the WNID can collect funds from 100 percent of the residents of Woodlands without those legal costs because the charges would be on the Broward County tax bills.

So, those Woodlands residents who do pay their Common Area Maintenance should see that charge decrease because the WNID would have a 100 percent collection rate,  This guarantees that everyone shares in the costs for security, beautification and other common expenses in the Woodlands.   Currently, two sections and one set of homes in the Woodlands are not part of the WHOA but they are part of the WNID.   So, when expenses like those for the roving patrol budget are moved to your property tax bill, this will make everyone pay – even those that are currently delinquent on their section dues.

Secondly, it is surprising that this letter was sent out on Ambassador Property Management’s  letterhead.  Steve Culotta, who manages the various sections, usually does not  get involved with our internal politics and has always made sure that Ambassador company stayed impartial.    However, I spoke to Steve, and he said that he always allows Section One business to be drafted using their letterhead, as long as it says it’s from the Board of Directors and not from Ambassador.  However, I tried to explain that this gives the perception that this is official business from Ambassador and not from the Section One HOA.  Perception is everything, but as a property manager, he is used to people getting angry at them and not at the board themselves for being the bearer of bad news.

Finally, it is the WHOA board who originally voted to ask the City to set up the WNID.  So, this sudden change of mind is beyond me.  Without the WNID, what is the WHOA’s plan to handle these delinquencies? And what will it cost our residents for the legal fees the WHOA would incur?  Some of the Section residents are also officers in the WHOA.  It makes me wonder if the motivation was about the WHOA officers maintaining control and not about what is fair and equitable.

So, if you are tired of being charged additional funds for those residents of your section that don’t pay their common area maintenance, then you should be supporting the WNID as the fairest way for Woodlands residents to equally pay for overall improvements to our community.

Residents beware and don’t believe Alan Wise’s hype.  



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