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Legal experts doubt jail time for Trump, suggest age and legal precedent could influence sentencing outcomes in New York case


Florida – As legal proceedings against former President Donald Trump continue, both his defense attorney and a former Manhattan District Attorney have shared their perspectives on whether Trump might face jail time. The discussions come in the wake of Trump’s recent legal challenges, including the New York hush money trial, where a jury delivered a unanimous guilty verdict.

Cyrus Vance Jr., the former Manhattan District Attorney, expressed his skepticism about the likelihood of Trump serving jail time. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Vance highlighted the complexities surrounding Trump’s potential sentencing. He noted that Trump’s repeated contempt citations—ten times during the court proceedings—complicate the situation.

However, Vance also pointed to the proximity of significant political events as a factor that could influence the decision. “The president has made this a little more complicated by having been found in contempt 10 times during the court,” Vance said. He added, “But I think that with the proximity of the Republican Convention four days after his sentencing, and then, if he is the candidate for the Republican Party, the proximity of the election, I would be surprised that he would be sentenced to any imprisonment.”

Vance suggested that the court might adjourn sentencing until after the general election, allowing more time to decide. He refrained from commenting on whether he would seek jail time for Trump if he were still in office, deferring to Alvin Bragg, the current Manhattan District Attorney.

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Defense Attorney Argues Against Jail Time for Trump

On the defense side, Todd Blanche, Trump’s attorney, argued that Trump should not be sentenced to prison due to his age and the nature of his offenses. In an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Blanche emphasized that other first-time offenders of Trump’s age would not typically face prison sentences for similar conduct.

Blanche stated, “I have no idea. Look, there’s a system in place where you rely on precedent, and somebody like President Trump should never, never face a jail sentence based on this conduct.” He further argued that sentencing Trump to prison would validate the defense’s claims about the nature of the prosecution.

When asked if Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over Trump’s trial, was fair, Blanche acknowledged that there were disagreements with some of Merchan’s decisions. “I think that there were times when we very much disagreed with the decisions Judge Merchan made. I think there were times when we certainly appreciated that he was making decisions, you know, weighing both sides and making decisions based upon that,” Blanche said. He added, “But at the end of the day, there were key decisions made before the trial started and during the trial that—I don’t wanna use ‘fair’ or ‘unfair,’ but that we think were not consistent with the law.”

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Alvin Bragg’s Statement on Sentencing

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has remained non-committal about seeking jail time for Trump. When questioned about it, Bragg emphasized that the judge would address sentencing at the appropriate time. “The judge has scheduled a sentencing for July 11th. We will speak in court in that time. He also set a motion schedule. We will speak in our court filings as we’ve done throughout this proceeding,” Bragg said.

Judge Merchan’s Role and Controversies

Judge Juan Merchan has been a focal point of contention in the case. Trump and his allies have criticized Merchan, alleging bias due to his donations to Democratic campaigns, including those supporting President Joe Biden. However, Vance defended Merchan, asserting that small donations should not be seen as a significant conflict of interest. “I know Judge Merchan. Obviously, before Judge Merchan, he was our grand jury judge when he prosecuted the Trump organization, and I think he is honest as the day is long,” Vance said. “He was careful. He was caring, and I think he handled a very difficult trial with a neutral hand and gave the president every benefit of the doubt that he was entitled to under the law.”

Vance also dismissed claims that Trump is being persecuted for his beliefs, instead highlighting the procedural integrity of past investigations into Trump’s associates, such as Michael Cohen. He recalled instances where Trump dismissed U.S. Attorneys investigating him, which underscores the politicization that can occur in such high-profile cases.

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As the legal proceedings against Trump unfold, the question of whether he will face jail time remains open. Both Cyrus Vance Jr. and Todd Blanche have provided insights that reflect the complexities of this case. Vance’s acknowledgment of the political implications and Blanche’s arguments against incarceration due to age and precedent add layers to the ongoing debate. With the sentencing scheduled for July 11th, the nation will closely watch how the legal system navigates the intersection of law, precedent, and politics in this high-stakes scenario.

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