While riding along Alligator Alley the other day, my husband and I tried to think of obsolete items from our past that we don’t hear about anymore.   If you recognize these items, then you probably lived during the 60’s and 70’s.   If you don’t, then congratulations –   You are most likely under 40 years old.

Green stamps

I remember helping my mom sort and stick thousands of these stamps into the Green Stamps books.   Back then, there were these stores that displayed merchandise you could buy with your stamps.  Once my mom saved up quite a few books and she bought a patio set at that store.  Nice. I think the equivalent thing to Green Stamps are the reward-based credit cards we use now.   Now you have to charge stuff to get your points.   Back then, all you had to do was go buy your groceries and the Green Stamp machine would spit them out.   Our family of five ate a lot so we came home with tons of those stamps.

TV Antennas

Before cable television,  every family had one of these monstrosities on top of their home as well as a pair of rabbit ears on  the TV set.   The picture always looked bad especially UHF.  If you don’t know what UHF is, then you are really young.

Dryer lines

These were so prevalent while I was growing up that we really didn’t notice them too much.  I hardly ever see these anymore except for the few homes that never took them down.   Many homeowners associations do not even allow them.

Pull tabs on soft drinks

What did people do when they pulled the tab?  They threw them away,  usually on the ground.   I spent many days in girl scouts picking up trash along roadsides and finding hundreds of these annoying tabs.   Thankfully, the beverage industry changed to the “stay-tab” can in the 1980s.

Phone booths

I haven’t seen one of these dinosaurs in years.   Although I wish more people would walk into one while using their cell phones in public.

WalkmanThe pre-iPod Walkman was as common as a cellphone is today.   I spent a lot of time taping my records onto cassette tapes so I could carry my music with me.  It was hard for some people to realize that no one except themselves would hear the music they were singing to.

Tube socks

What was so great about tube socks?  It was a no-brainer to match them up after they came out of the dryer.   The downside was they were very unflattering if you had chubby  legs.

Yo-Yo shoes

Remember the Yo-Yo shoes in the 70’s that had the distinctive hole in the heel?   I once had a teacher who was so overweight that when she walked down the aisle of the classroom, we would watch the holes in her Yo-Yo’s collapse with each step.


Just as women wear their pajamas to carpool each day, women back in the 60’s and 70’s thought nothing of spending their day in curlers.   I’d see women shopping and driving just totally oblivious that they looked like this.

Belt Massager

People really thought these would reduce the fat on their waist and hips back then.   Not much has changed as there are so many diet hoaxes still making us believe there is something this simple and easy.

TV dinners in an Aluminum Trays

Before microwave ovens TV dinners took as long to cook as a full meal does now.   Unfortunately, there was always that lingering cold spot in the middle of the mashed potatoes.    After we finished, we would use the aluminum tray to feed the cats their canned food.

Sugar Frosted Flakes

Don’t get these mixed up with “Frosted Flakes”.  Back then these babies had the “Sugar” where it belonged…right on the front of the box.  Nothing like a bowl full of sugar to give me that punch I needed to run to the bus stop.  By mid-morning, I was having sugar withdrawals and my stomach would growl  for more of these.


Does anyone drink this “coffee” anymore?  I think the manufacturer gave up and just stopped promoting this stuff.

National Airlines

I miss these old ads.  When I was a kid someone bought me a National Airlines shirt that said, “I’m Sharon, Fly me.”  I just loved that shirt.   Back then flight attendants were called Stewardesses.  And they were gorgeous.

Huck-A-Poo Shirts

Every boy and man had one of these cool polyester shirts with the busy patterns on them.  I’m sure they smelled delicious after a hot South Florida day.

Desert Boots

The only people that wear these today are….nobody.


The original “As Seen on TV”.   If you had any cheesy compilation of music, more than likely it was a K-Tel record.

Columbia house

How tempting was Columbia House’s offer?  You could get 11 Albums for a penny!  All you had to do was buy a few more at regular price.   The catch was….they kept sending you stuff and you’d better be on the ball and send back those letters or you might get your first experience with the Columbia Records collection agency.

Funny face drink

“No Cyclamate.  Just add sugar.”  What exactly was Cyclamate anyway and why did they advertise that their drink didn’t have it?   I miss this sugary, fruit-like drink.


Orthodontia has progressed so much over the years.  You won’t see many kids wearing headgear much these days.   Back when I was growing up, it was as common as seeing women with curlers in their hair.

Grit newspaper

“America’s Greatest Family Newspaper.” they said.  Back before there was Amway, young kids were recruited to sell Grit newspaper.   There was never any bad news in Grit.   Maybe that’s why we didn’t think bad things happened when we were young.  We were reading propaganda like Grit.

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