Bushy the Maltese

Section three neighbor Noel Reis was frantic when their 10-year old Maltese, Bushy, got out of the house last night.   They looked all over the Woodlands but with no success.  Bushy didn’t have his collar on and Noel believed he didn’t have a microchip.  Today, she received a call from her old veterinarian letting her know that her dog had been found.  She had forgotten that she had him microchipped when he was a puppy.    The good news is that Bushy was found near their home in the development behind the golf course

What happened was Bushy ran across the golf course, crawled under the gated fence and waded through muddy waters over to the next neighborhood.  He was  found lying down by a woman walking her dog in the development across 64th Avenue in what is Lauderhill.   Bushy was tired and covered in mud and burrs, so the good samaritan brought him to her groomers.   The groomer had a scanner and discovered he was micro-chipped. What ensued was a call to her old vet where they located the Reis’s from a file they still had.

Noel got Bushy back today and the samaritan who found him was extremely wonderful and kind to Bushy.   Noel has put Bushy’s collar on, ordered new tags and has updated the microchip information on him.  Noel’s biggest worry now is that Bushy was treated so wonderfully from the good samaritan (who happens to attend the same church as Noel and her family) that she’s afraid Bushy might try to escape and try to go back there.

If you are a dog owner then you know how important your friend is to you.   Make sure you keep their collar on on have them  microchipped.  A microchip is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of a dog, cat, horse, or other animal. The chips are about the size of a large grain of rice and are based on a passive Radio Frequency Identification technology.  I paid $59 to have my second dog microchipped.  Once completed,  I only had to go online (or call) to register her.  Sometimes, due to baths or just forgetfulness, our pets may not have their collars on.   A microchip can get your dog back to you.

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