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Make Woodlands Great Again: Run for City Commission


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Woodlands residents interested in becoming our next city commissioner need to make a decision soon because the 2018 election is just around the corner.

The City of Tamarac will have three seats on the November 2018 ballot including one for mayor and two for city commission.  The District 2 commission seat is currently held by Michelle Gomez.  District 2 covers the Woodlands Country Club and many other communities along Commercial heading west to the Sawgrass. Map

Residents in the Woodlands are facing an uncertain future as a sale to 13th Floor Development has been proposed for the two 18-hole golf courses directly adjacent to the existing homes. 13th Floor is the developer who built the new homes on the old Sabal Palm and Monterey golf courses and they are proposing constructing 525 new homes on the existing golf courses. This would increase the number of homes in the Woodlands by fifty percent and create more traffic problems both within the Woodlands and on the surrounding roadways.

I have been told that Commissioner Gomez has arranged meetings for the developer with the community.  She knew about the potential sale almost a year before, yet did not share this information with her constituents, nor did she bring it up publicly at the annual homeowners’ association meeting or to her own section meeting. She also scheduled a meeting to discuss the development to selected residents last November.  Meetings Held Under the Radar for Future Housing Development on Golf Course

Because of the impact of this proposal, the Woodlands needs a leader who will stand up for the community.

If you are interested, this part-time job is lucrative. For instance, a commissioner in Tamarac makes $33,000 plus a $700 monthly car allowance, which amounts to annual cash compensation of $41,400.00.. In addition, a Tamarac City Commissioner receives a spending allowance, travel expenses, health and life insurance, plus a host of other benefits.

Gomez is an attorney who resides in the Woodlands Country Club and was twice appointed to fill in for former commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad after her suspension from office. She was elected in 2014 after defeating Stewart Webster. 

To run for city commission, you must live in District 2. Next, you will need to find a campaign treasurer, file election documents with the City Clerk, and open a campaign account. Contact City Clerk Pat Tuefel for filing instructions and other details.


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