Would anyone like to buy this beautiful home in the Woodlands?
Would anyone like to buy this beautiful home in the Woodlands?


By: Sharon Aron Baron

I was sent a link to a real estate page from a resident wondering if our neighbors Beth and Jack Talabisco were moving away. Naturally one would assume that if someone’s home was on the market, they would surely be moving on.

Not so in the case of 14-year residents Jack and Beth who insisted during my call to them, that they are simply down-sizing.

“We love the Woodlands and this is the second home we’ve owned here,” said Beth Talabisco. She said that they were getting older and this was just too much home for them.  They were going to stay in the Woodlands and buy something smaller.

So there you have it, folks.   The Mayor isn’t moving out.  Just downsizing.

So if anybody is upgrading, here is your chance to own a beautiful home on a friendly street that holds annual block parties.

How about a swap?

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