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More than half of deportation cases in Florida and Texas unprocessed due to Biden’s DHS mistake: report


Several states across the country, including Texas and Florida, are grappling with the challenges of uncontrolled illegal immigration, largely due to the federal government’s failure to effectively secure the nation’s borders. Recently, another alarming report came to the surface, highlighting the government’s incompetence when it comes to handling illegal immigrants.

More than half of deportation cases in Florida and Texas unprocessed due to Biden’s DHS mistake: report

A recent report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a non-partisan academic group, has brought to light that approximately 200,000 deportation cases have been dismissed under President Joe Biden’s administration. This significant number of dismissals has been attributed to the failure of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to complete necessary court paperwork, a crucial step in the U.S. immigration enforcement process.

A Breakdown in Process

According to TRAC, the issuance of a Notice to Appear (NTA) by DHS to illegal immigrants and the subsequent filing of this paperwork with the Immigration Court are fundamental actions required to initiate deportation cases. The data revealed by TRAC indicates that in about 200,000 instances, DHS did not file the requisite paperwork with the Immigration Court, leading to the dismissal of these cases.

This oversight has had a pronounced impact in specific locations, with the report highlighting that over half of the deportation cases in Miami, Florida, and Houston, Texas, were dismissed due to this paperwork failure. Moreover, the rate of case dismissals by Immigration Court judges surged following Biden’s election in 2021, with dismissals rising from 3.3% in 2020 to 10.6% in 2021.

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TRAC expressed deep concerns regarding the substantial number of dismissals and the subsequent fate of the affected individuals. Although the rate of dismissals by judges has seen a decline since 2021, the total number of dismissals in 2022 and 2023 remains significantly higher than in previous years. This increase correlates with a marked rise in illegal immigration during the Biden administration.

The Daily Wire notes that while the federal government retains the option to refile a case against an illegal immigrant if it is dismissed due to missed court deadlines, TRAC’s data shows that DHS chose not to exercise this option in about 75% of the cases. Consequently, a large number of immigrants have been left in a state of legal uncertainty, without the ability to seek asylum or other forms of legal relief.

Transparency and Accountability Concerns

TRAC’s report also criticizes the opacity surrounding the DHS’s handling of these cases. There is a notable lack of public information from DHS explaining the reasons and locations for these failures. The absence of transparency and detailed data on the failure to reissue and file new NTAs for restarting court cases raises questions about the department’s accountability and the overall management of immigration enforcement.

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This situation not only highlights the administrative challenges faced by immigration agencies but also underscores the human impact of these procedural lapses, leaving thousands of individuals in a precarious legal situation. The call for greater transparency and improved processes is clear, as stakeholders seek to understand and rectify the underlying issues that led to such a significant number of case dismissals.

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