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Movie Night in the Woodlands


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Woodlands families had their first “Movie Night” this past Saturday night. Although Section Eight Residents Samantha and Guy Gur make this a regular event for their friends, they invited all Woodlands families over for an entertaining night out.

The Gur’s have a large projection screen in their backyard and played movies to entertain the parents and children.   Each family was asked to bring comfortable chairs and a dessert while the Gur’s provided the popcorn and entertainment.  There were around 12 families and over 15 children who attended this event.  Many children were watching the movies,  while others played on the swing set or swam in the clubhouse pool.   Best seat in the house?  It would have to be Cesar and Patricia Sastre’s golf cart which made a great seating area.

So far we have counted over 90 children in the Woodlands and there are many more that don’t know about our events.   If you know a family that may not be on our list, please fill out a contact form at the top of the website so we can make sure they are added.

In case you missed all the fun, the Gur’s plan to have another movie night in one month and hopefully many more in the future.



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