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Back in the 1960’s, builder Ken Behring had a vision of a community of homes surrounded by fairways, beautiful wooded areas and winding streams. This was to be the Woodlands where homes initially were to begin at $20,000 aimed at the pre-retirement market, with 900 clustered villas and a number of estate-type home sites in a 640 acre community.  Since then, the Woodlands has changed from a predominately retirement community to a neighborhood full of younger families.

The architecture of the homes have stood the test of time as newer developments keep producing cookie-cutter mediterranean style homes that have very little land around them. Many styles of  homes in the Woodlands, with their “mid-century modern” look, are snapped up by buyers who appreciate their beauty and uniqueness.


We asked our neighbors what they liked most about living in the Woodlands Country Club and received answers from every part of the community:

Adele Borger said she gave serious thought about moving, but said, “I too love my house-even though it is too large for me. When my kids come, I have plenty of room. This is important to me.”

Kevin Muscolino “I love my neighbors!”

George Stroker “I love my house. The Woodlands? Let’s just say, I love my house.”

Tannah Troy Robins “I love my house….all the work we put into our large space to make our own and would pay same price for half the space in plantation! I love living in a community with a golf course and taking my son out for a ride on our golf cart and seeing the golfers playing. I love the fountain that now works in the front. I love the playground in our section. I love that section five did a Halloween party and supported the entire community.  I love the community pools. I love the beautiful peaceful drive when I enter the woodlands and coming down the blvd.

Most days rolling down my window on my way home from work and just enjoying the drive into my house. I love the walkers and those out in the community exercising, walking their dogs and waving when I drive by. So much to be thankful for living in the Woodlands.”

Marisol Gomez “I love our house and when we open the blinds it almost looks like we are in our very own woodland paradise. The sight of golfers in our yards make it feel rich. The homes are so pretty and well-maintained. I can actually say I love my neighbors.  I feel safe in our community. It is nice to open our back gate and watch my daughter just run in an open field of grass. I love that our homes are not close together as you see in other neighborhoods. Everyone is so friendly in the Woodlands.”

David DeBorger “I love all the car guys in the neighborhood!”

Lisa Hermann “I have always loved golf course communities where my backyard is the golf course. Love seeing the golf course sprinklers on in the early morning, peaceful amid living in a busy area. I also like the bike/walk path added along the main road, so many people get out and use it and it connects nicely to other main roads that also have bike paths and sidewalks to extend your ability to run or bike greater distances with some level of safety.

Of course, having lived here now over 10 years, we have made our home what we wanted and did improvements, so having a nice corner lot and our own pool makes our home very nice, but it isn’t what makes the Woodlands the special place I find it to be as much as the spirit of the community and serenity in the middle of a very busy area of Florida.”

Karen Long “I love my house, the peaceful surrounds of the golf course, the nature and wildlife, and my neighbors are the best! While my husband was sick, my neighbors came to my rescue to help me. When he passed, my neighbor’s were there to help me with everything and I mean everything, the funeral home, his memorial service and his wake, which was at the country club. I’m so grateful that the country club was so accommodating. And God knows my neighbors were there to help me with all the things that were going on around me. I thank God everyday for all of you who helped me at the most difficult time of my life. I continue to be thankful for all that my neighbors and friends help me with now. God Bless you.”

Joan Procter “I have lived here for 27 yrs. in two different homes. I’ve never found anything to complain about and I, too, love opening my blinds in the morning and seeing so much green compared to other communities where they look at one another’s houses from their backs. Also, I’ve been lucky to have the most spectacular neighbors in both homes. I remember when I first moved here I had neighbors walking down the street with bagels and coffee and lunch and champagne and a loaf of bread (for luck). I could go on and on and, after all this time, I still have no complaints. Well maybe the ugly site of the once-beautiful WCC tennis courts as we pass by on 44th Street.”

Lissy Figueroa  “It’s my sanctuary.”

What do you love about living in our community.  Post your response here.  Remember that full names are required on our boards.

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