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New funding approved for Florida program aiming to reduce storm damage to homes


Florida – The Florida Senate has recently allocated more than $107 million to the My Safe Florida Home Program, an initiative designed to assist homeowners in the state with storm-hardening their properties through wind mitigation efforts.

Enhancing Home Safety Against Storms

Launched in 2022, the My Safe Florida Home Program has been crucial in helping Floridians safeguard their homes against hurricanes and severe storms. By providing free wind mitigation home inspections and offering wind mitigation grants, the program aims to make homes more resilient to wind damage. These inspections not only identify potential vulnerabilities but also qualify homeowners for matching grant funds for necessary improvements. The state offers $2 for every $1 spent by homeowners on these enhancements, with the possibility of receiving up to $10,000.

This year’s legislative updates seek to further improve the program’s effectiveness. Changes include revisions to the types of improvements that can be funded through the mitigation grants and clarification of eligibility criteria. Additionally, the legislation aims to prioritize access for homeowners who are most in need of these critical resources.

The program’s supporters, including Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, highlight its significant impact on community safety and financial well-being. Patronis emphasizes the importance of being prepared for storms and the program’s role in enabling homeowners to take proactive measures. The My Safe Florida Home Program not only contributes to physical protection against hurricanes but also offers financial relief by helping to reduce home insurance premiums.

Thanks to the program, many Florida homeowners have reportedly saved an average of $1,000 on their insurance costs. With rising insurance premiums posing a challenge for residents, the continued funding and enhancement of the My Safe Florida Home Program represent an important step towards more secure and financially stable homeownership in Florida.

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