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New York judge “showed mercy” toward Trump, allowed him to travel to Florida


Florida – Judge Juan Merchan is presiding over the trial the former president faces in New York, that centers around allegations that Trump falsified business documents related to a hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign.

New York judge "showed mercy" toward Trump, allowed him to travel to Florida

Slap in the Face for Trump

Judge Merchan made a decision last month that many saw as a slap in the face for Trump, as he informed the former president that he would face arrest if he did not attend daily court sessions and chose to go to Florida and attend his son’s graduation party. Merchan’s decision caused nationwide debate, with many criticizing the judge for not allowing a father to be a part of his son’s milestone.

Balancing Court Duties and Personal Life

Donald Trump has vocally criticized Justice Merchan throughout the proceedings, claiming that the judge had unfairly mandated his presence at the trial, thus potentially preventing him from attending his son’s graduation.

Despite these grievances, Merchan had indicated earlier in the trial that he would consider Trump’s request to have court adjourned on that particular day, which he ultimately granted.

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The New York judge apparently changed his mind and showed mercy toward Donald Trump as he granted permission for the former president to attend his youngest son Barron’s high school graduation in Florida.

The trial, which has captivated public attention due to the high-profile nature of the defendant and the serious allegations against him, will see a day’s break on May 17. This adjustment was made by Justice Juan Merchan following Trump’s repeated requests to attend his son’s graduation ceremony. Politico reported this conciliatory gesture after initial hesitations expressed by the court regarding Trump’s attendance at non-trial related activities.

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Trump’s legal entanglements have also interfered with other personal and campaign-related activities. He has lamented the fact that his trial obligations have restricted his ability to participate in other important events, including a U.S. Supreme Court hearing concerning his claims of presidential immunity and various campaign events.

A Father’s Presence at Milestone Events

Amid these complaints, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, who is slated to testify at the trial, noted that Trump had not attended any of his older children’s graduation ceremonies, to his knowledge. “I wasn’t aware that he went to any of the kids’ graduations,” Cohen said.

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However, Frank Runyeon, a reporter for Law360, contradicted this claim by recounting his personal experience at Eric Trump’s graduation in 2002, where he noted Donald Trump’s presence. “How do I know? I was there. We were classmates at The Hill School,” Runyeon stated.

This judicial allowance for Trump to participate in his son’s graduation highlights the ongoing balancing act that the court must perform in high-stakes trials involving prominent figures, balancing legal proceedings with personal milestones in the lives of those involved.

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