By:  Sharon Aron Baron

I’m pretty thorough about attending all of the WHOA monthly meetings now that I’ve figured out where they are.  You see, now that I’m the treasurer of my section, I now get mailed reminders which lists the specific clubhouse that they are held in for that month.  There are six clubhouses in the Woodlands, so if you don’t know where the meeting is held, you may as well give up.  It’s not worth driving around.

Imagine my surprise today receiving this friendly expensive certified letter from the association’s attorney.  The letter (below) was a cease and desist and told me that  I must take down the site immediately…that I am tarnishing the distinctive quality of the association’s trade name and injuring its reputation.

I kept thinking to myself, “When was this matter ever discussed at a meeting?”  I’ve been to all of them, and I don’t recall discussing this, or even voting on this.

Was this a secret vendetta against me and the website?

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Did our board secretly meet and vote to do this?

Since establishing this website back in 2010, I’ve never made it any secret that this was “resident run.” In fact, I consider it a privilege and because we aren’t affiliated with the WHOA, this gives our contributing writers and commenters, who are also residents, the freedom to say what they’d like.  With minimal moderation. Why not?  This is our community.   This is where we have a voice.  All this and its free of charge to the residents.

Our Association and our board is trying to shut down, not only my voice, but yours as well.  Listen, you don’t have to read it.   We have over 569 subscribers to our email blasts.  There is an opt-out on the bottom.

More importantly, I’d like to think that this website provides a much-needed service to the community, whether it’s reuniting lost dogs, alerting our homeowners to crime in the area, or even sharing the recent passing of one of our neighbors.  The Woodlands in Tamarac also showcases our children and the events that we put on, as well as features some of our elderly residents as well.

While we have my attorney review and fight this.  The question is, how much is this costing you for this legal action against this website?

You should ask, because you are paying.






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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

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66 Responses to "Our Woodlands Association Wants to Shut This Website Down"

  1. If the letter to Sharon was not approved by the board and only requested by one member of the board, then that member should be given the bill not the homeowners.

  2. Exactly Susi, let the president of the WHOA pay out of her pocket, nect time she will think before she leaps…

  3. Sharon above brings up perhaps there was a secret meeting, no there was not, unless it was so secret even the board members didn’t know about it. Once again to make it perfectly clear, the WHOA board did not vote to have the website shut down, the WHOA president acted alone, and she alone is repsonsible for having the lawyers draw up that letter. I attend all the meetings also, it was never discussed in front of us. The residents are not confused, we know that the website is not the official website of the Woodlands. It’s way to interesting and informative to ever be confused with the official one. Residents are still confused what day the recycled trash is picked up, should we remove their recycle bin, or stop recyled day altogether? No confusion here…

  4. Because you have now placed the disclaimer at the top of the site, you are free to keep it up and running (Based on my online marketing and legal experience). The only legal repercussions they had were due to a sub par disclaimer. Since that has been changed, they HOA has no right to demand that you take the site down. They can ask, but you dont have to listen. Its a waste of the communities money and quite honestly a poor attempt at quieting someone that they are obviously upset at for airing out their dirty secrets, agendas and what seems like a personal issue with the site owner. Long story short; you are in the clear as long as you do not slander the HOA, or try to earn money from the site. Everything else is considered free speech in a public domain.

    Writing Domains By Proxy will do absolutely nothing unless its written from a Judge of competent jurisdiction with a court order.

    Nice try HOA!!! Your simply pathetic for trying to infringe on the communities rights to have a open forum where topics and opinions are shared.

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