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Preventing Car Break-ins


Auto theft in Coral Springs

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Every city is faced with car break-ins.  Just ask around.  In Coral Springs, some areas are faced with cars being stolen – and there isn’t any particular model car thieves are targeting either.  Other times, they are honing in on Honda Accord wheels which are hot on the secondary market.  

There are a few things that you can do to either thwart a break-in, or possibly identify the suspects who do.

  1. Never leave valuables in your car
  2. Lock your cars at night, if you cannot park in your garage
  3. Light up your house in front and in back at night
  4. Invest in cameras for your exterior – these are relatively inexpensive at Best Buy and work with your wifi
  5. Report anything suspicious and call 911.



One Response to Preventing Car Break-ins

  1. Mikey Reply

    June 2, 2017 at 10:20 am

    We were just broken into on sat night
    Our truck windows were smashed
    And my business bag was taken , checks, personals , I pads, etc
    The inconvience , I can tell you , is devastating, it’s like starting over
    Needless to say , doors were locked ,
    Did not matter
    My dogs were barking
    Took them out
    No one there at that point
    The volunteer roving security
    Should be done at night
    From the hours
    Of 12 midnight to 6 am
    During the days
    Waste of time
    If you need volunteers . I’m in. Putting up spot lights now around the house , hope it will help. Also leaving our dogs on the inner porch at night , that will be the greatest deterrent we think,
    But keep locking your car doors and take all your shit inside with you, for these are definitely not professionals , mostly kids in packs of 2/4 at a time just looking for quick stuff

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