By Michael Delemma
Section 3 Resident

As a member of the Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District’s new Planning Committee and someone who has attended almost all the WNID meetings, including the meeting this past Thursday, I am compelled to clarify much of the misinformation and affirm the correct information as stated by the comments on this website.

Ask the questions, but allow us to explain the answers.

Karen and Doug Long and the rest of us members on the Planning Committee are dedicated to mending the broken fences of communication that was presented by the former WNID committee. Taylor White is the new chairperson and is determined to get the correct facts out there in a civil, proper, and professional polite manner.

The Planning Committee wants to open up the lines of communication and find out what the residents of the Woodlands want to see improved. We will be making phone calls and will be going door to door to help accomplish this. We are volunteers that will being spending time ( we are not retired, we have full time jobs) trying to obtain your opinions, concerns, and ideas and documenting them in order to outline what the residents want to see improved in the Woodlands. Once we have the data we need, we will then discuss, with actual figures, what is needed to possibly accomplish any of the most popular concerns. This is a start to repairing the damage that was done previously.

We cannot change the past. We are well aware of the distrust, the lack of confidence, the anger, the disappointment, the oppositions for various reasons, we got it.  We need to move forward and come together as a community and heal the wounds that have stagnated the progress of this community. We need more residents to join us and express their concerns and have your questions answered. We need your ideas and suggestions. We want your feedback so we can clarify many of the misconceptions and verify the correct information. In reading the comments on the website, there is still so much misinformation going around.

How are we ever going to get anything done when our community is so off track about the information and facts?

Come to the WNID meetings, join our committee, go on the websites, contact Karen and Doug, and receive our up coming phone calls and visits, so that you can make a decision based on facts, not rumors, or just plain wrong information.

There are some residents that no matter what we come up with will always disagree. They come to the meetings, not to add anything to the discussion, but because they want to sabotage all our efforts. Then there are others that see the need for improvements, but they want to pass the buck.

Olligator, you seem to have many suggestions listed above and are obviously concerned, come to our meetings. Debbie you believe in volunteering, join our committee. Fan for Improvement, you have some good factual information, join us or assist us. We welcome everyone who has a vested interest in The Woodlands.

What truly disappoints me is that there are those who live here, who seem to think that no improvements are needed or that the Woodlands Homeowners Association can solve the problems. If that were true and obviously it is not, just look around, we would not be discussing any of this in the first place.

Let’s try to gather our resources and through proper and civilized communication, come up with a plan to truly restore the Woodlands, the right way, this time.

4 Responses to "Putting the Pieces Together: The Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District"

  1. I appreciate the need to go forward. I convinced my husband to go to one meeting, he left early due to both sides and their actions, I left soon after him due to the lack of productivity in really explaining anything. I have no desire to experience that again. As I have always said, good information on why the POA can’t be the vessel that is fixed and how the WNID enhances that entity rather than competes with the entity is the only thing I have ever sought to understand. If the POA is broke and not fixable, why do we keep paying dues to them? Due to the fact I can’t understand the global over-riding entities trying to be the controlling vessel for change in the Woodlands, I will remain neutral and not support anyone’s views and will not get involved. Just like any company, the structure of those over the regular employees (in this case the every day homeowner) is important to understand and trust … if that over structure has conflicting power over you and conflicting messages, employees (in this case the every day homeowner) will either chose to ignore everything, leave, and some may get involved to try to become management instead.

  2. Lisa sorry you feel that way, but going to one meeting and leaving early really doesn’t give you a true sense of what is trying to be accomplished. As I mentioned, we are moving forward, opening up the lines of communication, learning from our mistakes, and making a huge effort not only to right the wrong, but to propose ways to improve this community. Please give us a chance. Come to our committee meetings and perhaps your questiions will be answered, and you can also contribute by suggesting what you and your neighbors think are important issues. We want to hear from everyone. Give us a chance is all I ask, there is a lot riding on this. Unlike a company, the residents get to vote for what they want or do not want. I worked for big companies too, and beleive me they do not resemble a democracy.

  3. While I realize my comment is late on this article, I will throw this out there…

    – The purpose of the WNID is not to be the neighborhood gestapo. Period. We already have one of those and you can contact Tamarac Code Enforcement at your leisure.

    – Not getting involved in any way whatsoever means you don’t get a say on how things are done, and should not whine about the results, whatever your point of view on the whole WNID idea. If you don’t vote or you don’t participate to improve the situation and help find solutions, you are accepting the solutions others find for you by default. So accept it or get involved. Please be involved.

    – Michael is correct about corporate principles. I am a business owner myself, and I run my company like a dictator. Neighborhood Improvement Districts are not dictatorships and are probably one of the closest forms of direct democracy available to us today. Please be involved (see previous point).

    – Both sides please check your emotions at the door when you discuss this or go into meetings. It never ceases to amaze me that grown professionals behave like children on the playground fighting over who is “more stupider” and who stole their animal crackers.

    – I will be attending the next WNID meeting, which I believe is 16 August. It is my express intention to A) find the basic common ground that is apparently required for grown adults to communicate effectively and listen to each other, B) Identify a minimum of 3 concerns that the Pro/Anti-WNID groups have and find solutions to those concerns before the meeting is over, and C) Outline 3 things that residents want the WNID to do for them. I will coordinate with the WNID as to not impact meeting procedure or protocol, as is appropriate, and look forward to seeing my fellow residents there.

  4. Well put Ollogator, sometimes when I am at the WIND meetings, I feel like I am back in High School, if there was food in front of everyone there would be a food fight. Lately when I speak to residents one common comment comes up, “I don’t trust the members on the WNID board.” I think the city made a big mistake by appointing the members on the board. Too late now, we have to move forward and try to convince the residents that a lot of good can come from the WNID, and remind them that we have a vote, they can not do whatever the board wants. As far as the anti-WNIND people, they don’t want anything done, all they know how to say is “where is the money coming from” or ” no we don’t want that.” Even a broken record eventually wears out and stops.

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