Attorney Alvin Entin
Attorney Alvin Entin


We are being asked by some, “Why are you picking on Patte Atkins Grad, wasn’t she vindicated by a jury?”

The answer is simply that no one is picking on her, she was far from vindicated, and that her continued “service” as our City Commissioner is an embarrassment to us as her constituents and to the City.

Patte Atkins Grad was not vindicated, she never denied taking money and a car in return for her vote, instead, her defense was she was too stupid to understand she was being bribed. A jury, at Christmas, acquitted her, based on their statements, because they believed she was “dumb as a rock” and may have been taken advantage of by her benefactors. They fully believed she had taken the bribes and had performed for the Chaits liked a trained seal.

In any event she did it, and she does not belong on a Commission making decisions for us on matters like taxation, land use or the future of the City.

Even if you believe her defense, she admits a lack of capacity to make intelligent decisions which is also a basis to seek her removal.

She is seeking her attorneys fees and back pay. Thats not our issue. Let her have that and go.

We need to rise up as one and let her know that, as Vice Mayor Dressler so eloquently stated at the last Commission meeting, she is a disgrace on all of us and the only decent thing she can do is resign.

There is no place for the stink of corruption in Tamarac.

Alvin Entin is a Woodlands resident and partner at Entin & Della Fera, Attorneys At Law where he has practiced Civil Litigation and Criminal Law since 1970. He is heading up the Recall Patte Atkins-Grad page – Fight Tamarac Corruption page on Facebook and on Twitter and will be organizing a petition drive at Woodlands clubhouses.  You can reach him at

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12 Responses to "Woodlands Resident Asks Disgraced Commissioner to Resign"

  1. I agree with the opinions expressed here and am ready to do whatever I can to help this petition drive. Ms.Atkins-Grad’s continuation on the Commission is a blight on the whole city government as well as on the citizens of Tamarac. Her decision to remain further reduces her credibility as a public servant.

  2. Ms. Atkins-Grad’s defense should be viewed for what it is — an admission of incompetence. Her attorney should advise her, given her admission, that she should resign and be thankful that she was able to evade punishment. Likely no one in Tamarac wishes to have a representative who can’t perform a job that requires discerning right from wrong. Tax revenue should be spent with care and consideration, including commission salaries. Absent her resignation, action should be taken for her removal.

  3. This should also be a call to uor attention. How are we voting commissioners that are “dumb as a rock” Are we just voting party lines? Are we doing ANY do diligence to know who are we voting for? If you are not shure, just don’t vote on that line. Hope we can get something positive for all the money this has and will cost us.

  4. I totally agree with Judy and Gary and feel that justice was not served, if she is too stupid or unable to know right from wrong and has used that as her defense, then Patte is clearly unfit to continue as the Tamarac Commissioner. You can not have it both ways. When she was taking bribes she was unaware because she had later claimed health issues and now all of a sudden she is better and intelligent enough to serve as commissioner, oh please. Patte and your slick lawyer may have gotten over with the jury, but us Tamarac residents are not so easily persuaded or gullable. If Patte has any pride or moral decency left in her she should resign and then maybe she might retain some ounce of dignity and some respect from her neighbors and peers…

  5. We, the residents of her district, are the ones that are “dumb as a rock”. How can we have let this moron take office in the first place.

    She needs to resign and then move!

  6. Mr Alvin Entin has proven himself to be a typical attorney who twist words and facts “like a trained seal” in order to make his point.

    Isn’t it amazing how wise and perfect you all are!!! As if any of you EVER read a complete auto leasing contract line for line and questioned the monthly payment when it met your budget. Patti Atkins-Grad first and only learned of Mr. Chait giving a dealership (not her) money towards a lease payment when her case began. Devil Bruce Chait has done this to many Politicians to force them later into political submission. Thats the nature of the evil beast of Bruce Chait who has burried many people who are far more savy, brilliant and evil, than all of you put together! Many politicians and buyers of Mr Chaits Prestige homes have fell victim from Bruce Chaits curse, he’s a dangerous man to associate with.

    FACT: Patti NEVER EVER admitted to taking a car in return for a
    vote!! (Mr. Entin: What courtroom were you in that day, and
    what was your state of mind???).

    FACT: The jury “acquitted her”!!!
    ACQUITTED DEFINITION: Verb: To Free (someone) from a criminal
    charge by a verdict of not guilty by means of a court system.

    FACT: The “jury” NEVER stated that Patti was “Dumb as a rock”!

    FACT: The jury did not “believe that Patti took bribes”,

    FACT: Patti Atkins NEVER EVER said “she lacked capacity to make
    intelligent decisions”. Are YOU a mentally competent person
    Mr. Entin?

    Doesn’t an attorney need to get his facts straight before making a “quoted” statement? A “GOOD, COMPETENT Attorney ONLY deals with the facts!! If Patti wasn’t a public figure, she would SURELY have a powerful defamation/slader/libel lawsuit against you for every ignorant false statement you have made. Mr Attorney Entin, did you forget the “Acquitted, not quilty part again?? Might I suggest you go back to Law 101, or retire of possible dementia?

    I dont remember any of you there in the courtroom except Patty Lynn who was Patti Atkins-Grad rival for that polical seat. Geez, I wonder what her motive was for being there?

    You’re lucky Patti cares so little about what you have to say because unlike you, she’s more concerned about serving her commitment to her position and the City of Tamarac, than she is addressing one twisted demented lie after another.

    FACT: You stated: “Patti Atkins-Grad is a disgrace to all of us”. Who exactly assigned you to speak on my behalf and the good majority of us that completely disagree with your twisted mind and false statements? Entin, Who voted you Mayor that you speak for the rest of us? No One, and certainly, not me.

    FACT: Last but not least, in your statement of: “There is no place for the stink of corruption in Tamarac”,……… then I suggest you need to leave. For an attorney to lie and misquote facts is certainly corrupt in itself.

  7. I have read your comments with interest, and it is a shame that someone must be putting something in the water in your section of the Woodlands. But if you want facts, lets deal with facts and ignore that obviously Patte is your friend. It is good to have loyal friends who believe matters which others might view skeptically. She is fortunate to have friends such as yourself, for she surely need them.

    Perhaps you think that Vice Mayor Dressler is as deluded or inaccurate as you believe I am? He did not mince words in telling your friend that she needed to resign.

    Now, I will ignore your ad hominum attacks on me. The facts are what they are, and if you really believe that Atkins Grad “first and only learned of Mr. Chait giving a dealership (not her) money towards a lease payment when her case began,” then you have indeed drank the Kool-Aid.

    The State disagreed and charged her, and her lawyer argued stupidity. (Bless him, he did a wonderful job ). Recognizing she had a 5th Amendment privilege which she exercised, she never, I repeat never took the stand and denied taking the money.

    Please…Did she think it was a gift from the tooth fairy? While we are at that, where did she think the money to pay the Victory Party came from, Santa?

    Please do not lecture me on what an acquittal means, I have been an AV rated Criminal lawyer with a National practice for over 43 years. An acquittal means that the jury found that the States case was not proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That does NOT mean a person was either innocent or vindicated. OJ Simpson was acquitted on the Criminal case with that burden of proof, but found guilty of the murders in a Civil case based on the preponderance of the evidence. Atkins Grad was, and is guilty by that standard as understood by the Vice Mayor and other thinking people.

    As a resident of Tamarac I want her gone, and I believe I speak for anyone offended by the stink of corruption. We start the recall this weekend, and I am confident that the residents of this community will tell Patte Atkins Grad where to go.

    Alvin Entin

  8. Again, I will re-iterate what acquitted means, “Declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime”. If there wasn’t enough evidence, thus stating “beyond a reasonable doubt”, I guess you don’t have a solid case then do you Mr. Entin??????? That’s the court system that YOU make a living by… not me!! That only works when its YOUR client, I get that!!

    Unfortunately, you and your posse think you are the new elected Jurors and that the case is still open for your Guilty/Non-Guilty verdict. Are you the judge here too?

    Does this sound familiar Mr. Entin: These are YOUR WORDS: “I do not believe she (Eileen O’Connor) ever discriminated against anyone for any reason. As for “lying” on her application for Judge, the JQC (Judicial Qualifications Division) exonerated her which should be proof enough that she did not.

    You are SUCH A HYPOCRITE!! I guess you respect the courts findings when it behooves you.

    Your problem is you’ve been representing hard criminals for too long, especially political ones, and you can’t tell the good from the bad anymore!! To compare O.J. to Patte is so sick and demented its not worthy of addressing. I guess it all depends on who’s paying you the big bucks as to what song you’ll sing. Clearly sounds to me like you don’t have any clients to keep you busy and that you’re just pissed that Patte didn’t hire you.

  9. Ms. Jerome calling me names doesn’t prove anything but how weak your defense of the indefensible is. The only thing sick and demented are people who are so blinded by friendship that they cannot see the truth. If you do not like the Simpson analogy because the crimes were different, try the 1919 Black Sox who were banned from baseball despite a jury acquittal. Judge Landis in banning the bribe takers ( gee that sounds familiar), said:

    “Regardless of the verdict of juries, no player that throws a ball game; no player that undertakes or promises to throw a ball game; no player that sits in a conference with a bunch of crooked players and gamblers where the ways and means of throwing ball games are planned and discussed and does not promptly tell his club about it, will ever play professional baseball. Of course, I don’t know that any of these men will apply for reinstatement, but if they do, the above are at least a few of the rules that will be enforced. Just keep in mind that, regardless of the verdict of juries, baseball is competent to protect itself against crooks, both inside and outside the game.”

    These sentiments are my sentiments, and apply to your shameless friend. I am now done with you and will not respond further, and if you resort again to personal insults I will request the moderator to remove your offensive comments. This is a forum for ideas, not insults.

  10. My husband and I were unable to make the meeting this past weekend in regard to the petition. Please let us know where we can sign it. Bottom line is this: if someone is not clever enough to recognize a bribe, then I have very little to no faith that this same person can make intelligent decisions related to the city, or anything else for that matter.

    I have read the above comments, and Ms. Jerome, it may behoove you to read the following Sun-Sentinel article with an open mind:,0,5753212.column

    I do find it interesting that Ms. Atkins-Grad indicated that “I am not stupid. I am not naive.”. Yet, that was her defense, where her attorney indicated that she is “clueless” and “over her head”. She is clearly not savvy enough to be a city commissioner.

  11. Stacey you must think that we are all idiots to believe for one moment that using a defense that states that you are clueless or over your head is not a way of squirming out of what she did, then you are in the same league as Ms. Adkins-Grad. Since when is ignorance of the law a defense? Stacey you seem to think what she did is fine with most of the Tamarac residents, but it is clearly not by the show of support for her resignation not only by us the residents, but by other city officials, the media, and residents of other cities. If Patte is was not sure what an obvious bribe is then she is not fit to make important decisions for us, you can not have it both ways. She claimed basically that she was not aware of the ramifications of what she did, she was lucky that the jury felt sorry for her and acquitted her, so then the rioht thing for her to do is resign, sticking to her story that she is not well, not competant, and not fit to make correct decisions and leave with an ounce of dignity. I know Patte, and do I think she is a bad person, no, but I do think she is using very poor judgment and must resign, not only for her own reasons, but for the good of her community.

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