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Section 4 News


Section 4 News

Welcome to the Beautiful Section 4 Estate Lots of the Woodlands Country Club.



Meet our Board of Directors:

President: Sharon Baron
Vice President: Ester Tiburcio
Treasurer: Mark Garey
Secretary: Jennifer Anglin


We will be holding a continuation of our Annual meeting on February 12, as we did not have enough people in attendance or proxies to hold an election of officers at the annual meeting in December.  The continuation meeting and brunch will be held at:

The Woodlands Country Club on February 12, 2017 11:00 am. 4600 Woodlands Blvd.  

The meeting will start promptly at 11 a.m. and following that we will hold a brunch at the country club.  

RSVP to: TheWoodlandsFL@gmail.com if you do not plan on attending, then return your signed Proxy.

Entrance Sign

The entrance sign is being repaired at this time.  Our section voted to move forward in making the repairs.  


News December 2016

Our annual Homeowner’s Association Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.  We will be electing new officers, going over the budget and discussing new business.   Please contact 954-677-2229 for meeting location.

News November 2016

Letters have been mailed out with proxies for December 6, Section 4 meeting.   

News March 2016

Dues are $100 and were due in March 2016.  Please pay Mark Garey at 5208 Woodlands Blvd Tamarac FL 33319.

News – All Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent or title company, you must contact Mark Garey, Treasurer for an estoppel letter. An estoppel letter is used when a bank, Mortgage Company, Lending Institution or Title Company is considering financing the property and needs to know how much money the current owner owes to the association.  No sale can be completed in our HOA without an estoppel letter from our treasurer.

All dues are paid to:  Woodlands Section IV. Contact Mark Garey on payment instructions.

News October 2015

Our board met on Tuesday evening where we had a quorum.   We hired a security consultant to interview and review bids from a variety of companies that are proposing street cameras for us.   These cameras would be placed at strategic points in Section IV capturing license plates/cars and partial faces of those that entered our community.  Visitors would be forewarned that they are on surveillance upon entering various points and we would have the ability (and BSO) to review footage if there is ever an incident that necessitates this.  

We voted to move forward in gathering proposals based on the consultants request for proposal or RFP and the board will be meeting again in a few weeks to review those proposals.

We also passed a vote for budgeting up to $200 for holiday decorations for our main entrance in which Board members Ester and Jennifer will purchase.  These will be non-religious but will be festive for display and hopefully last a few years so when people enter between Thanksgiving and New Years, they’ll see something special.   If $200 isn’t enough, we will come back and discuss further.

On Halloween night, Section 5 has invited all children in the Woodlands to Trick or Treat at their clubhouse.  This is right off of Woodlands Blvd on White Hickory where we go to vote.  If you know anyone with children, please spread the word!  

I will keep you posted on the date of our December annual meeting.  This meeting requires you to be notified via USPS.

Take care…and remember, if you see anything suspicious, call 911.  Trust your intuition if you see something strange.  Much better to be wrong than for your neighbor to have something happen to them.  We’ve been very fortunate here, but we should never let down our guard.  

 News October 10 2015

We will be having a Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 where we will be discussing security and reviewing bids for security systems.   We will also be planning our annual meeting in November.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation for the Woodlands Section IV Estate Lot Homeowners Association were filed August 14, 2002….

Our section consists of a Board, Bylaws of its own association, and Declaration of Restrictions.  There shall be one vote for each Estate lot, which is the record owner and member of Section 4. The association has powers to make, levy and collect assessments for he purpose of obtaining funds from the Members in accordance with the Declaration to pay for the common expenses of the Association.

Find out more about the Section 4 Association by attending our meetings or reading the articles of incorporation #N02000006199.

Section 4 is not part of the WHOA

It was confirmed that after 40 years, that Section 4 Estate Lot Homeowners Association is an independent section and is not part of the Woodlands Homeowners Association or WHOA.  A vote will be held to see if our members would like to become part of the WHOA which is comprised of Sections 1,2,5,6,7,8.  Our board of directors are looking into what advantages our members would have if legally part of the WHOA as well as the costs associated with this.   A meeting will take place in July.  All members of Section 4 will receive a letter regarding this.

See something suspicious in our area?  

Call 911.  No fishing is allowed on your private property, unless of course it is you.   No solicitation.  If someone comes to your door and you do not recognize them, always acknowledge that someone is home.  They may be staking out your property.   Make sure your alarm is set when leaving your home and to lock all valuables up in a safe.

Things to consider investing in:

  • Impact glass for your home
  • Security cameras

Other things to consider:

  • When traveling always have someone check in on your property
  • Cut all large landscaping hedges and palm fronds so windows and doors are not obscured and burglars can hide
  • Look out for your neighbors and call 911 if you see strange, unmarked work vans in their driveway.
  • When leaving town, stop newspapers from being delivered

Volunteer for COP

Volunteer for our Citizen Observer Patrol.  Contact Barry Kanarack at kanarekbb@gmail.com to find out training dates.

Waste Management

Questions regarding your garbage or recycling pickup? Contact Waste Management at 866-684-3142.  Garbage and bulk trash go out on Mondays and Recycling and Garbage go out on Thursday.   Keep our Section looking pristine, please no garbage or bulk on curb prior to 5 pm the evening before pickup.  

Code Issues

The City of Tamarac oversees our code related issues.   If you see a code issue in our section, please first bring it up to a member of our board, or email your request directly to Scott Krajewski, Manager of Code Compliance with the City of Tamarac.