Woodlands Country Club. Photo by Adam Baron. 

By Selene Raj 

Earlier this month, Steven Meza qualified to run against incumbent Florida Senator Perry Thurston—and now, he’s teamed up with the Woodlands Defense Fund in a bid to protect their golf courses from development.

Meza, 21, will be hosting a virtual community forum to discuss the land-use change that will turn the 165 acres of golf greens into 423 single-family homes, with the co-founder of the Woodlands Defense Fund, Jose Spena.

In the virtual forum, Meza plans to introduce a legislative proposal that he insists will protect the environment from big corporations while giving power back to the people.

Barbara Sharief

“We are in a moment when we must listen to the voice of the people now more than ever and to take action instead of standing idly by when it comes to protecting our environment,” said Meza. “We cannot let our local elected officials silence the voices they claim to represent.”

The developer of the project, 13th Floor Homes, is promising the new development will be a long-anticipated upgrade for the 50-year-old community of 890 existing homes. It will become a gated community, protected by walls and fewer entrances, and will have a new clubhouse. 

The scheduled hearing in front of the Broward County Commission to change the course from recreational to residential was postponed due to coronavirus and has not been rescheduled. 

Join the forum on Thursday, June 25, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. To register, contact Steven Meza via email or by phone 954-288-2035.



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  1. We, residents of Woodland Country Club appreciate Steven Meza for fighting through our voices to protect the Woodlands from being destroyed.
    This place inhabits many different types of birds, small animals and flora that needs our attention it’s precious to keep it alive and going.

    Thank you

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