By: Sharon Aron Baron

This article or PR piece was printed about the Woodlands in the Sun-Sentinel sometime in the 1970s

Here is a look at 10 of Broward County’s Most Expensive Private Country Clubs

Woodlands Country Club
1600 Woodlands Blvd
Tamarac Fla
$25,000 initiation, $3,200 yearly dues

Don’t start thinking about joining the Woodlands unless you can afford to drop between $200,000 and $1 million for a house here. And, even if you have the cash, you’re still going to have a hard time getting into the Woodlands.

“I’m sure you are quite aware that just anyone cannot buy a house in the Woodlands” said Peter Barbuto, who supervises 780 members as club Manager. “You must have at least four sponsors before the association will consider selling anyone a house.”

But if the association approves you, homeowners are automatically eligible for a country club membership. You’ll be joining some pretty high society.

“As far as the money goes, Woodlands is incredible, said Tom Fabrizio, a golf professional who once worked there. “You’ve got just about eery Fortune 500 company represented. You’ve got more than a dozen people who are worth well over $100 million.”

“No matter the income, everybody at the Woodlands loves their club” Barbuto said.

“Our people come here in the morning for breakfast, stay for lunch, and come back later for supper, said Barbuto. “The membership is primarily Jewish retirees from New Jersey and New York. They don’t seem to like having their help cook for them at home. They like to enjoy the meals and the friendships here.”

Reprint courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel and former Section Five resident Doris Baron.

Thank you to Edie Grien for saving this and sharing it.

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  1. Jen  

    This is awesome! However…where did the home prices come from??? I wonder from where the reporter got that information. If you look on the Broward County Property Appraiser’s website, which lists all sales for a particular home, the houses (even the estate homes) didn’t cost that much in the ’70’s… 🙂


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