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Tamarac Commissioner Bolton honored by FLC for his efforts to protect local decision-making in Florida


Tamarac, Florida – Commissioner Marlon D. Bolton has received the prestigious 2024 Home Rule Hero Award from the Florida League of Cities (FLC). This recognition is a testament to his dedication to representing the City of Tamarac and safeguarding the autonomy of Florida’s cities during the critical 2024 legislative session.

Advocacy for Local Self-Governance

Home rule is the authority cities possess to handle local issues with minimal state interference, allowing for tailored and immediate responses to community-specific needs. Throughout the legislative session, Commissioner Bolton championed this principle, working vigorously to ensure that local officials retain the power to make decisions that directly affect their constituents. His efforts were aimed at promoting the ethos of local voices making local choices, a cornerstone of effective municipal governance.

“I am humbled and grateful to receive this award,” Commissioner Bolton remarked. “As a local official, I believe it is essential to protect the home rule powers that allow us to serve our communities effectively. I will continue to advocate for the interests of Tamarac and all Florida cities, ensuring we can address local issues and make decisions that benefit our residents.”

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FLC Chief of Legislative Affairs Casey Cook lauded the efforts of Commissioner Bolton and his peers, noting, “The dedication and effort of these local officials who tirelessly advocated for local decision-making was a difference-maker this legislative session.” Cook’s acknowledgment highlights the critical role these leaders play in shaping legislative outcomes that respect the governance capacities of cities throughout Florida.

Impact and Recognition

Commissioner Bolton’s relentless advocacy has not only supported Tamarac but also reinforced the framework within which all Florida cities operate. By ensuring that cities retain their decision-making powers, Bolton has contributed significantly to the empowerment of local governments facing unique challenges. This work is crucial in maintaining a balance between state and local authorities and ensures that decisions impacting communities are made by those most familiar with and accountable to those communities.

The Home Rule Hero Award is a recognition of Commissioner Bolton’s unwavering dedication to serving the people of Tamarac and defending the principles of local governance. His leadership and commitment to advocating for home rule have had a profound impact on the state, making his recognition as a Home Rule Hero not only well-deserved but also a beacon for other officials aiming to influence positive change in their communities.

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