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Tamarac Elementary PTA asking community to donate their old sneakers for a good cause


Tamarac, Florida – Tamarac Elementary School’s 5th-grade class is engaging in an innovative fundraising campaign, and they need your help. This unique fundraiser doesn’t involve buying or selling anything; instead, it relies on the donation of gently worn, used, or new sneakers.

A Fundraiser with a Twist

The idea is simple yet impactful. Students are asking for donations of old sneakers, which many people have tucked away in their closets. These sneakers, which might otherwise end up in landfills, can now serve a valuable purpose. The initiative not only supports the 5th graders’ fundraising efforts but also contributes positively to the environment by reducing waste.

How to Participate

Participation in this fundraiser is easy and rewarding. Start by searching through your and your family’s closets for any sneakers that are no longer in use—maybe they’re too small, out of fashion, or just not your style anymore. The goal is to gather as many pairs as you can. If you have 20 pairs, that’s fantastic; if not, every single pair still counts.

You can also extend your reach by asking neighbors, friends, co-workers, and social network contacts to join in the effort. The more sneakers collected, the more support the 5th graders will receive for their activities and programs.

The collected sneakers will be placed in a collection box located in the school’s lobby, making it easy for anyone to drop off their contributions. This month-long collection effort is not just about raising funds; it’s also about making a positive impact on the environment. By recycling these sneakers, the community helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Get Involved

For those interested in contributing or needing more information about this fundraiser, contact the Tamarac Elementary PTA. They can provide detailed information about the collection process and how these donations will benefit the 5th graders.

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