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Tamarac secures ongoing flood insurance discounts for over 5,000 property owners


Tamarac, Florida – Tamarac property owners, numbering over 5,000 and required to carry flood insurance, will continue to benefit from a significant 20% discount thanks to the city’s sustained Class 6 rating by the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS). This rating, which Tamarac has maintained since 2011, underscores the city’s commitment to effective floodplain management.

Comprehensive Flood Management Efforts

Tamarac’s proactive approach to flood management includes a detailed annual progress report available at www.Tamarac.org/flood. This report is a critical resource for residents, offering insights into the maintenance of the city’s water systems and roadways. Key infrastructure components covered in the report include:

  • 560 acres of open waterways
  • 82 miles of drainage pipes
  • 4,669 catch basins
  • 137 miles of paved roadways
  • Three stormwater pump stations

Among the significant projects highlighted in this year’s report is Phase VII of the Citywide Culvert and Headwall Improvement Project. This initiative involves the necessary repair or replacement of culverts and headwalls that have deteriorated over time due to weather conditions. Funded with a biannual budget of $900,000, this is part of an ongoing effort to enhance city infrastructure.

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Another critical project is the C-14 Canal Erosion Control Project. Prompted by concerns from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) regarding erosion along the C-14 canal, this project is crucial for protecting the integrity of the city’s West and Central Storm Water Master Pump Stations.

Flood Insurance and Awareness

Statistics suggest that all homes have a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the lifespan of a 30-year mortgage, regardless of whether they are located in designated flood zones. With this in mind, the City of Tamarac encourages all residents and businesses to stay informed about flood hazards and to consider securing flood insurance.

Recently, FEMA updated the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), affecting 131 properties in Tamarac. Of these, 99 properties previously in a flood zone have now been reclassified into an X zone, significantly reducing their flood risk. However, the flood zones for the remaining 32 properties have remained unchanged.

To further promote flood protection awareness, Tamarac distributes an annual flood protection brochure through its bimonthly Tam-A-Gram magazine, which reaches approximately 36,000 homes and businesses. The brochure and the city’s website provide valuable information on how to safeguard property against flooding and understand the available resources.

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With these measures, Tamarac not only continues to enhance its infrastructure to manage flood risks effectively but also ensures that its residents are well-informed and prepared for potential flooding, emphasizing the city’s dedication to community safety and resilience.

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