By: Sharon Aron Baron

Who knew that the City of Tamarac was in the golf business? While east Tamarac has two empty golf courses sitting near the Mainlands and Sabal Palm, the City has decided that it wants to buy one of Colony West’s courses for $3 million dollars to preserve green space.

What about the brown spaces out east?

Once again the eastern side of the city is overlooked while the city is using stockpiled reserve money to fund this purchase.

Our money.

Explain to all the residents of the Mainlands and Sabal Palm who look out to weeds and dirt, that Colony West will get a bail-out from the city.

Just think what $3 million dollars could do to beautify the eastern part of Tamarac.

We could get that park project going for part of Sabal Palm golf course near the Turnpike. We could beautify our perimeters by building walls like Lauderhill which includes miles of landscaping. How about using some of our money for bus shelters to keep our residents sheltered from the rain while waiting for the bus along Commercial Boulevard? Since Broward County Transit won’t pay for these, the city hasn’t considered building any that BCT won’t provide for free. Residents wait daily in the rain with no shelter, bench or even a garbage can nearby and seek shelter from nearby homes until the bus arrives. Weston paid for beautiful bus shelters for it’s residents at a cost of $685,000. These gorgeous shelters line their streets and they don’t even have the ridership that Tamarac has.

But buying golf courses?

Where were they when the Woodlands Country Club almost closed due to lack of cash?

You know what the Woodlands did? They found a buyer through ClubLink Corp and closed the deal this past April. If the officers at the Woodlands would have known the city was in the golf course business, I’m sure that they would have made them a great offer.

Watch out, I hear that Woodmont Country Club is desperately seeking a buyer as well.

Just think, now the city manager and commissioners will have a place to play golf. On second thought, since we the residents are buying the course at Colony West, then we all should play for free.

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4 Responses to "Teed Off About Potential Golf Course Purchase"

  1. Hi Sharon, this is interesting, and there’s more golf course funny business going on that is also puzzling. The City votes on Aug. 24th.

    The City of Tamarac’s Proposed Biennial Budget (find it on the internet, page 195), indicates they have proposed and expenditure from the “general capital fund” in the amount of $335,000.00 for project GP12B which is “Woodmont Residential Development Entry Signage”.

    I attended a meeting at the community center a few months ago where the
    City Officials, mayor and commissions most of them were present) were presenting a proposal to some Woodmont residents about a neighborhood
    partnership program where the City could contribute a little and some
    residents could contribute, if the signs that currently say “Woodmont
    Country Club” are changed to “Woodmont at Tamarac”.

    I don’t know how or when it changed from the neighborhood partnership program to the $335,000 expenditure from general capital, but some people at Woodmont are afraid the City wants the signage changed to prepare for closing the Country Club and building on the golf course at Woodmont?. Don’t know, but it is curious.

    As for Woodlands, the City wasn’t too generous in the neighborhood partner-ship program to allot $15,000 to the District,and that is after one year of existence as a LGNID. They said the District could apply for grants from the Dept. of Community affairs, when there have been no grants available for 20 years. Further, the City Budget is void of grant money available in 2012 or 2013, so the Woodlands residents can can just cough up the money in the way of increased taxes.

    About the Bicycle Path grant for the Woodlands, I told Jennifer Bramley I would only be in favor of that project, if the City resurfaced the road so if would have a clean finished look. You reported some time ago, that the City was not going to resurface, so I’m afraid to see what that is going to look like. I hope they don’t put in speed bumps too because that will deter emergency vehicles more than just one lane.

    About the 44 street area that you are showing the video, if the City owns that property, then someone on the Board should report to the
    Street & Road Division of the City of Tamarac. The City has a chart on page 164 of the proposed budget that says they complete work orders in 5 days or less at 100% of the time, that may be a start.

    The point I am making is it appears, the Woodlands is on the back burner; could it be because we don’t have any golf courses to build on???

  2. Sharon and P.B., I e-mailed Pamela Bushnell and Michele Gomez as you suggested and basically asked and mention what you both brought to my attention about the golf course purchase. I was told that as requested by us, that a sidewalk project in our entrance way. They also voted for improvements to the north side of Commercial Blvd. and Rock Island to Woodlands and that our community will benefit the most from it.
    I was also told that the new landscaping project is in effect in the near future and that a “study” is being conducted regarding walls.
    They also said that they are in the process of approving designs of the many bus shelters due to be installed for the convenience and safety of our riders. They contunue to say that every project they (the city) have undertaken has been done by diligently seeking out grants to help enhance the city. Ms. Bushnell says, “I am not ashamed of any of the projects and happy to say all of them will create improvements to out eastern area.”
    In answer to the proposed purchase of the Colony west golf course, they claim that the city has the opportunity to buy 262 acres that comprise Colony West, including both golf courses and the club house. They will pay approximately $11,500 per acre. This represents a large savings even considering todays depressed land prices. If approved in a public hearing by the commission, the money to pay for the land will come from a fund previously established by the city for land purchases. They compare this sale to a short sale (less than the full mortagage amount.)
    They want to preserve the “green space” and avoid excessive residential development of the site. This safeguards 262 strategic acres in the city. The continued operation of Colony West is a separate matter that will come before the Commission. A tight -frame of purchase opportunity
    and to keep the site active, the city is negotiating with the Edward Rack Corp. in regards to managing the site as a golf course.
    This will all come before the Commission and the public in an open meeting, the date will be set and posted on the city’s website.

    I was thanked for being a resident who gets involved and I thanked them, said I would pass along the information they gave and for responding so promptly…So there you have the answers given concerning the above mentioned Colony West golf course proposed purchase.
    Please don’t shoot me I am only the messenger, ha…

  3. Michael, it was reported by the Sun-Sentinel that money that is being used to purchase the golf course is from reserves. Money you and I pay into. Reserves are used in case of emergency (think hurricane clean-up) or for special projects. Right now the city is has reserves in excess for what most cities need. If they are going to spend it on a special project, it should be on a project that benefits everyone.

    Secondly, they will be getting new bus shelters, but many of them are replacing older ones and the newer ones they are putting up aren’t even close to us. They are using BCT funds to pay for them. I’d like to see them use our money and have bus shelters at every stop in Tamarac.

  4. Sharon, thanks for clarifying a few things, but like I mentioned above, the answers and information was given to my Pamela Bushnell and Michele Gomez. If I were you I would e-mail them what you mentioned on here and see what kind of response you get. We can all compare notes. I will be very disappointed if I find out they are not being totally truthful with us. If they turn out to be less than truthful, then when the elections come around, we will send out a loud and clear answer to them…

    I think the resdents of the Woodlands and Tamarac are getting tired of not getting the services and the results that we are promised, in a reasonable time frame. We have to keep up the fight for what we deserve, and aspire to higher standards. Keep digging for the truth and and let the city know we are not accepting lame excuses or broken promises anymore…

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