Thanks to a neighbor on Woodlands Boulevard, we now have our very own landfill right in our neighborhood.

After two three weeks and two three rejections by bulk trash pickup, this neighbor seems to think that “Mount Trashmore” will go away on it’s own.   But don’t worry, there won’t be any embarrassment or tears of shame from this neighbor who is on the city’s “Most Wanted” list for little code violations such as this.

When chatting with neighbors around the Woodlands, the question I get asked more than anything else is, “What’s being done about that neighbor on the Boulevard?” I give them all the same answer,  “What do I look like, the code inspector?”  No I don’t really say that, I usually say, “I have no idea, go ask  the city.”

What I know is that they are constantly cited due to violations and tend to clean things up just a bit to get themselves out of further trouble.   I also know that this neighbor isn’t a kind or easy person to discuss things with, as my daughter and I came to find out after we set up American Flags along Woodlands Boulevard over Memorial Day weekend.   We noticed a day later that he took them down and went over to ask him about them since we pay for the flags ourselves.   He was very rude to us and refused to return them.   I told my daughter that he probably loved them so much he’s keeping them for his family.

Over Independence Day, we’ll remember not to put flags in his yard, and if the garbage isn’t removed by then there won’t be any room for them anyway.

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7 Responses to "The Woodlands Landfill"

  1. Sharon you are too funny and you made me laugh once again. Unfortunately, it is not a funny situation and just adds to the “mounting” problems that this community faces.

    When some people see that a community is not maintained, they feel free to just add to the mess. The perimeter is still the same, not cleaned up or weeds etc, so people feel well if that is the way they take care of the areas, then why whould I worry about it.

    I also spoke with a very nice gentleman who was cuttung the golf course grass, I had asked him if he also cuts the grass by our canal and he said he doesn’t and doesn’t know who maintains that area. The grass by our canal, on White Oak, is getting higher as the canal water level is getting lower. Why doesn’t code enforcement address that? It appears sometimes that the city or code enforcement picks and chooses their own battles, meanwhile we wait, and wait for the the problems to get solved…time is running out for Tamarac and the Woodlands, it’s all sinking day by day and we will suffer for it. Eventually more and more residents will want to move and when they try to, they will be startled at the low offers they will get…

  2. We have more than one of these unofficial dumping sites, another exists on Yellow Pine can’t miss it six cars some run some not so much.
    Knee deep in newspapers they never pick up. Amamzing.

    • I think if you don’t want newspapers or adds put on your driveway, you should not be responsible for picking them up. The people who put the litter there should pick it up.

  3. He took down the American Flags? Shame on him!! That is very unamerican. Is he bothered by the American flags? What flags will he suggest be used?

    Not only is there a mountain of trash, the individual is obviously also running his own mechanic shop right on his driveway as you see piles of cars every so often with their hoods up and this seems to also be true of the house next to him.

  4. As a newer resident,I specifically chose The Woodlands to be my home. My decision to purchase here was based on several factors. Most importantly, the beauty, the golf courses and the restrictive covenants/protections a Home Owners Association provides. Its about time our Home Owners Association stands up to the plate and becomes pro active in seeing each homeowners rights are protected. This is why Home Owner Associations are created. When the rules are broken penalties are enforced. No one in the Home Owners Association is exempt. As some say, there are loop holes in our Association’s documents. This is possibly true. Although I find it hard to believe the legal system won’t work with us in the Neighborhood’s favor. None the less, when someone is completely reckless and violates the rules, then the Association must adapt a No Tolerance policy and after reasonable attempts fail to bring a homeowner into compliance, the Association has no choice but to litigate. I am tired of all the same old excuses, we don’t have the power, we don’t have the money! Hog wash…As I recall, a line item is in our Home Owner’s Association 2011 budget for $48K for the use of mailers and postage. Interesting! Maybe I have missed the mailings with postage? May I suggest we shift some of those funds into our Associations legal defense. Come on, to our Elected Homeowners Association Board members, stop excusing and make a tough decision and protect all of us who live by the law.

  5. Sjp4707, I agree with what you have said, however, the city and Code enforcement must be included in there too. Keep bugging them, call Peyton Whitfield from code enforcement like I do.

    We all thought by buying a home in the Woodlands, that these type of situations would be rectified and handled much better, well surprise.
    We all got the “BOOBY PRIZE.” and unfortunatley we are paying a hefty price for it. I have friends who are real estate brokers and they are shocked at how inexpensive the homes for sale are in the Woodlands. But are we really that surprised?

    We all have to continue to fight and help bring this place back to what it was. Mnay of us are trying very hard, but with more cooperation from the city, Whoa, the district, code enforcement, our section presidents, and some newly formed groups, I am hopeful that we are on the right road…

  6. Sharon, I agree with you as one of the owners of Woodlands this house with the trash outside looked very disgusting. I almost when knocking to his house to see if I can maybe help him with picking up the trash. However, I did see he has been improving his house by adding some palm trees to his house so I think he is trying to somehow improve.

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