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Trump drops bombshell that could impact the New York case as he publicly ‘admits’ to non-disclosure agreement involvement


Florida – Donald Trump is facing several criminal cases, with Florida and New York cases drawing the most attention. While the future of the Florida case is now in doubt since Judge Aileen Cannon recently provided the former president with an additional postponement by indefinitely delaying his classified documents trial, the developments in the trial in New York continue to draw nationwide attention, mostly due to Trump’s legal tactics.

Trump drops bombshell that could impact the New York case as he publicly 'admits' to non-disclosure agreement involvement

Trump’s Courthouse Revelation

In a significant turn of events, former President Donald Trump publicly admitted his involvement in the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Stormy Daniels for the first time, marking a pivotal moment in his ongoing criminal trial. This admission occurred outside the courtroom, as reported by MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard on Thursday.

A Surprising Admission

During his remarks at the courthouse, Trump acknowledged his role in the NDA, a document at the center of the allegations against him. “Wow. In his daily courthouse remarks, Trump just admitted that he was part of the NDA with Stormy Daniels,” noted Allison Gill, co-host of the “Jack” podcast, which covers the special counsel probe. This unexpected admission contrasts sharply with his previous statements and the general legal arguments surrounding NDAs.

“I have the only illegal NDA,” Trump declared, referencing a column by Andrew McCarthy, a former prosecutor in the Southern District of New York who now writes for the National Review. McCarthy’s column discussed the legality of NDAs, suggesting that while they are legal for others, the one involving Trump has been singled out by New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg as illegal, without clear explanation. Trump, quoting McCarthy, reiterated to the press, “I have the only illegal NDA.”

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This admission adds a complex layer to the trial, where the legality of NDAs and the specifics of their enforcement are under scrutiny. Legal analyst Andrew Weissmann commented on the situation, noting that while NDAs can be legal, “There are components that actually — at this trial — there are components that probably aren’t okay, which is Michael Cohen’s provision that he added about the million dollar penalty.” This was echoed by Keith Davidson, Daniels’ former lawyer, who doubted such a penalty would be enforceable.

Further complicating matters, Trump’s statement contradicts previous admissions and the opening statement of his lawyer, Todd Blanche, during the trial. Blanche had claimed that the evidence would show Trump never directly reimbursed Cohen for the hush money, which contrasts with Trump’s own acknowledgment in a different court that he did reimburse Cohen.

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This contradiction not only challenges the defense’s consistency but also raises questions about the truthfulness and reliability of Trump’s various public statements over the years. As the trial progresses, it remains to be seen whether Trump’s remarks, which many see as legal strategies of the former president, will have a negative or positive impact on the ongoing legal proceedings.

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