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Trump narrows down the VP list during New York campaign event as he praises Republicans who are doing a ‘fantastic job’


Florida – Many Republicans were rumored to be Donald Trump’s running mates for the 2024 election recently. Among the potential candidates rumored to be under consideration were two Republicans from Florida, Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Byron Donalds; New York Representative Elise Stefanik; North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum; South Carolina Senator Tim Scott; and Ohio Senator J.D. Vance. But recently, Trump discussed the vice presidential option during a New York campaign event and appears to have narrowed down the list.

Trump narrows down the VP list during New York campaign event as he praises Republicans who are doing a 'fantastic job'

Top Contenders for Vice President

During a campaign stop in the Bronx, former President Donald Trump began to narrow down his list of potential vice presidential candidates, signaling a more focused approach as the 2024 election approaches. In a revealing interview, Trump highlighted several key figures within the Republican Party as top contenders for his running mate.

Among those named were Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Dr. Ben Carson, Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH), and Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY). Trump expressed his admiration for these candidates, stating, “We have so many. You could take people like Ben Carson, people like Marco Rubio, or J.D. Vance. I mean, there’s so many. Elise is doing a fantastic job, but I could go on for quite a long time. We have many people who would do a really fantastic job.”

Despite the praise, Trump noted that the final decision on his running mate would likely be announced “sometime during the convention,” a traditional timeframe for such revelations.

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Constitutional and Strategic Considerations

The selection process, however, is not without its complications. Trump’s mention of Rubio raised constitutional questions due to the 12th Amendment. According to the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, electors in the Electoral College cannot vote for both president and vice president who are considered “inhabitants” of the same state as the electors themselves.

This means that if both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates are from the same state, electors from that state could only vote for one of them. To avoid this issue, it is common practice for one of the candidates to change their official residency to another state.

Rubio, aware of the constitutional challenge, remains optimistic about Trump’s chances in the upcoming election. He remarked, “Donald Trump’s going to win no matter who he picks. He’s going to get elected,” emphasizing that Trump’s choice would primarily need to be “someone who’s ready to be president.”

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Diverse Appeal and Loyalists

Dr. Ben Carson, another potential candidate, is seen as a figure who could help Trump continue to make inroads with black voters—a demographic Trump has been actively courting. Carson stated, “I think Trump is making major inroads with all demographic groups in our country, including black voters. They recognize that they were better off with his administration than they are now.”

Senator J.D. Vance, despite once being a critic of Trump, has shown his loyalty recently, particularly noted during his visit to the courthouse for Trump’s New York criminal hush money trial. Vance strongly criticized the trial, declaring, “Four weeks into New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial against Trump, it’s clear this charade is more about partisan politics than law enforcement.”

Representative Elise Stefanik has also emerged as a formidable candidate, known for her aggressive stance against antisemitism during a high-profile congressional hearing. Her self-proclaimed “ultra MAGA” status and strong ties to New York make her a compelling choice for Trump, especially given his own deep connections to the state.

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A Strategic Selection Ahead

As the former president refines his list of vice presidential candidates, the nation is watching closely. Each candidate brings unique strengths and potential challenges to the ticket, reflecting Trump’s strategic calculations as he positions himself for another run at the presidency.

The selection of a vice president will not only impact his 2024 campaign strategy but could also influence the broader dynamics of the presidential race. As Trump stated, the decision will ultimately hinge on finding someone who is thoroughly prepared to lead the nation.

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