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Trump still has “high hopes” for the New York trial, confident “Soros-backed” prosecutor could dismiss the case to save DA’s office dignity


Florida – Former President Donald Trump is currently grappling with significant legal issues in both Florida and New York, highlighting the contentious nature of his presidency and the divided opinions surrounding his leadership. In Florida, Trump is accused of mishandling classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence, facing charges that include obstructing federal efforts to retrieve sensitive information. His legal team argues that these actions are politically motivated, framing the prosecution as part of a broader strategy to undermine his political future.

Trump still has "high hopes" for the New York trial, confident "Soros-backed" prosecutor could dismiss the case to save DA's office dignity

Hush Money Trial in New York

In New York, Trump’s legal troubles stem from the ongoing hush money trial related to payments made to Stormy Daniels. Trump has strongly denied the allegations, labeling the case a “witch hunt” and suggesting that the New York District Attorney’s office might drop the charges to save dignity and focus on the city’s rising violent crime.

His remarks outside the courtroom underscore his view of being targeted by a biased legal system, which he claims is driving businesses and individuals away from New York, worsening the state’s economic challenges.

Trump Predicts Dismissal of New York case

Donald Trump wrote during the third week of his ongoing trial in New York that District Attorney Alvin Bragg might soon dismiss the hush money case against him. This statement from the former president last week implies that he remains optimistic about the outcome of the New York case in his favor.

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Trump’s Claims on Social Media and Beyond

In a post on Truth Social, Trump expressed his belief that DA Alvin Bragg, who he describes as “Soros backed,” might drop what he termed the “ridiculous and very unpatriotic ‘CASE'” to conserve financial resources and restore the dignity of his office. Trump wrote: “People are thinking that Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, who never wanted to bring the Witch Hunt against me in the first place, is going to drop this ridiculous and very unpatriotic ‘CASE’ in order to save lots of money, and also the self respect of his once revered Office. He would then be able to focus on Violent Crime, which is running rampant and totally out of control in New York.”

The former president further criticized the handling of the case by Judge Juan Merchan, whom he described as a “Trump Hating (APPOINTED IN 2009 & STILL ACTING!) Judge.” Trump questioned how Judge Merchan would handle the potential fallout of a case dismissal, especially in explaining it to “the Radical Left Democrats, to whom he owes so much.”

Economic Impact and Trump’s Broader Accusations

Earlier in the week, while speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Trump commented on the broader economic implications of his trial. He argued that New York’s legal actions against him were driving businesses out of the state, claiming that “employers of millions of people” were leaving New York in protest over his trial. Trump accused DA Bragg and other judges involved in his legal battles, including Judges Engoron and Kaplan, of jeopardizing the rule of law for personal gain and to the detriment of New York’s economic health.

He emphasized, “New York has got to do something about what’s happening because you look at Judge Engoron, you look at Judge Kaplan, what they’ve done, it’s disgraceful.” Trump asserted that the legal system in New York was being ridiculed nationally, causing significant economic and reputational damage as companies and residents allegedly flee the state.

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This case continues to draw widespread attention, reflecting the polarized views on Trump’s legacy and the ongoing debates about justice and political influence in America.

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