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U.S. sees decline in respiratory illnesses, but Florida remains a hotspot; doctor says a simple solution will help you clear the infection at a faster rate


Florida – The U.S. is currently experiencing a decline in respiratory illnesses, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cautions that levels remain elevated, with the South showing the highest activity. Amid this landscape, a surprising correlation between oral hygiene and respiratory health has emerged, offering a simple yet effective prevention method.

Flu Surpassing COVID-19 in Emergency Visits

Since early December, the flu has overtaken COVID-19 in terms of causing more emergency room visits. However, health officials are expressing concerns about a potential increase in cases, which is a common trend following the winter holiday season. Florida, in particular, is witnessing high levels of respiratory illnesses, indicating a need for continued vigilance and preventive measures.

Oral Hygiene’s Role in Preventing Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

A recent study sheds light on the significance of daily tooth brushing in reducing the risk of hospital acquired pneumonia. Researchers analyzing various studies concluded that this simple daily practice could also decrease the length of stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients.

Boca Raton dentist Dr. Geoffrey Morris explains the science behind this finding. “Brushing your teeth what that does is decrease the viral and bacterial load in the oral cavity and the associated areas. If you decrease the viral load or bacterial load in these areas, it will help your body’s immune system fight off the bacteria or the virus and help clear the infection at a faster rate,” he stated.

Dr. Morris also noted that this result is not surprising, given the established connection between oral health and systemic health issues. Years of research have shown that problems in the oral cavity can lead to various systemic health complications.

This study underscores the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, not just for dental health but also as a means to bolster overall respiratory health. As the U.S. continues to grapple with elevated levels of respiratory illnesses, simple practices like daily tooth brushing emerge as an accessible and effective tool for managing and preventing these conditions.

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