This is who FPL hires to trim their trees as depicted in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about our trees being butchered in the Woodlands in  Who Butchered the Trees in the Woodlands County Club  At the time, I had no idea who was doing this shoddy tree trimming work.  But thanks to the residents, I found out that it was FPL who gets permission from the Country Club.

I wrote to FPL and asked them to come out an inspect the trees.   I received a reply but I honestly don’t believe that Senior Communications Specialist David McDermitt actually came out and inspected this awful job because if he did, he would have been appalled.   He writes that they use only “utility-qualified professional tree-trimming contractors….” which is a load of horse poopoo.    The “contractors” that butchered our trees are chain saw-toting lawn boys that went rogue.

Read the rest of this nice PR piece from FPL:

Hi Sharon,

According to FPL: “These contractors are leaders in the field of utility arboriculture and utilize proven, industry-standard pruning techniques.

In further response to your inquiry, we have additional facts about the Woodlands Country Club tree trimming project to share with you. FPL is sensitive to customer concerns regarding our vegetation management practices. That’s why we use only utility-qualified professional tree-trimming contractors to manage the trees and plants near our power lines and equipment. These contractors are leaders in the field of utility arboriculture and utilize proven, industry-standard pruning techniques.

FPL has maintained its easement in the Woodlands Country Club golf course since 1953 and has performed regular upkeep on it. Trimming the trees keeps them away from the lines to help prevent power outages and provide safe, reliable electric service for our customers. The trees in question are located within this easement under or near high-voltage transmission lines, as shown in your photo.

We notified the club before the work started this spring and a club official periodically inspected the trimming as work progressed on the project. FPL has offered on several occasions to remove these trees because they can grow as high as 60 feet and are not suited for the site. However, golf course management has requested they be left on the property.

FPL is required by federal regulation to prevent tree-related power outages on these lines, and we regularly trim and maintain these trees to ensure compliance. The specification for transmission lines calls for the trees to be maintained at or less than a height of 14 feet.

We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you. Thank you for recognizing our commitment to providing safe, reliable electricity to our customers in the Woodlands Country Club area.


David McDermitt
Senior Communication Specialist
Marketing & Communication
Florida Power & Light Company
Office: 561-694-4148 / Mobile: 561-310-3355


On June 14th, I wrote him back:


Thank you for your letter.  I find it still unacceptable how the trees are being trimmed.  Did you get a chance to visit the site?    The trees are NO WHERE remotely close to the lines above, yet are being butchered and disfigured in the process.   There is no reason to “trim” these trees like this.

I have waited, however, I have not received a response back.


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2 Responses to "Update: Butchered Trees in the Woodlands"

  1. Another fine butchering job done by FPL strikes again. Along 64th Ave and the Woodland’s golf course a line of wild trees secure our border. FPL, on Friday decided to “trim” the trees because they are growing close to the wires, and I fully understand the reason for that. What I don’t understand is the method and lack of skill that is being used to butcher these valuable trees. FPL clearing is sending out workers that know nothing about correct tree trimming, they just hack off branches in any old way, leaving the tree looking like a hurricane snappeds them off. Not only does it look awful, but I am sure that it is not good for the tree. What is left is a tree that is either top heavy on one side, or is so off balance that a stong wild will easily destroy most of what is left. I can only hope that they grow back as fast as possible and that they will over come the damage that has been done. Maybe if the Woodlands hired professional tree trimmers to trim and not hack our trees, then we wouldn’t be at the mercy of FPL’s meat cleaver skills.

  2. Michael,

    We don’t hire the trimmers here. I mean the WHOA, the trees that were butchered were done by FPL and they hire the contractors. ClubLink as well as the country club before them has not taken a firm stand and told FPL how they want the trees cut. They just let FPL at it.

    ClubLink should be more proactive on this. I blame ClubLink management that has let this happen.

    Of course, I also blame FPL’s so-called utility-qualified professional tree-trimming contractors”


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