By: Sharon Aron Baron

Did you notice our new logo and disclaimer the top of this website?  A change agreed upon after a very contentious meeting on Monday night with over 30 audience members in attendance.  By changing the banner and making the disclaimer more prominent, a potential lawsuit by the association was avoided.

After being served with a “cease and desist,” notice by the attorneys at Becker & Poliakoff on May 1st, without the issue ever being brought to up at a board meeting, I was relieved to find out that these were not the actions of our board as a whole, but at the same time saddened to find out that one person in the Woodlands had the power, or even the inclination to do that to another.

Thank you to all the board members, who stood not only with us, but for our First Amendment rights of free speech, which this website, like every other publication in our country falls under. I’d also like to thank the following board members: Joel, Larry, Marilyn, Bonnie and Alan for insisting that Adam, who was representing this website of-council, to have his time to speak although he was forbidden by our president.

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Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.
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7 Responses to "Website Stays: Freedom of Speech Prevails in the Woodlands"

  1. So happy to see the situation resolved.
    I like many others appreciate your dedication to providing to us, the information and
    gossip so much read by many of us residents and concerned citizens.
    Keep up the good work,Sharon.

  2. I think at this time I amm going to be more vocal on what goes on in this community, from monies being spent, with no authorization to the simple things to keep costs down on the things that need to be done to protect our community,, like the issue of SPEED BUMPS, at a fraction of costs and study’s not needing to be done,,it’s simple and it keeps the cars driving slow, from us walking, walking our dogs, bike riding,,COMMON SENCE,,,,and no one should have the power to do anything without a vote from every paying family or persons paying there dues (hoa).it’s not that sort of democracy we have it has to be ,,,affordable for all in these hard times of the economy,,,COMMON SENCE!!again,,,PLEASE!!!!!!! mike

  3. Sharon: I’m very happy for the outcome, and even happier for the HOA as they have a lot to loose in going ahead.
    I had to leave the meeting as was doing not much there once I realize our HOA president was not letting anybody talk other than the board. Yes, she has a valid poing, here in Florida the board meetings are for the board to solve issues, but in no place there it says that the board can’t let people talk. It’s a board decision as I’m applying it as member and executive of several boards myself.
    It was funny to hear the board trying to learn that the cities has not much power. This lack of power have a reason, and it is that the HOA have that power. Case in point, in Weston, most HOA can fine it members if they are in violation and they will act on the lien, maybe that is why the home value there were not diminish that much and are higher then in most other cities around here.

    Let’s keep this in mind at time of voting and maybe with a more open board, people in this community will care more and attend again to the board meetings.

  4. I’m glad to see things resolved without a costly lawsuit. Thanks again Sharon for keeping us informed.

  5. Glad to see this was resolved in a positive way. Its terrible that the board member decided to abuse their power. This happened to me at the last place I live… one person on the board made a decision to follow through with an action letter (threat) without the consultation of other board members. I hope that this is a lesson to us Woodlands residents to get more involved, go to our HOA meetings, and participate in the voting process. My husband and I (and our busy schedules) are guilty of not being more involved. Time for a change. Thank you for your dedication to this site and the Facebook page, Sharon. Above all, we need more residents like yourself who care about our community.

  6. Congrats and keep relentless. Your dedication is definitely appreciated.

  7. When I heard the news combined with the Bruins overtime win, I was so pumped I ran onto the golf course and tackled a moving golf cart.
    Was that wrong?

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