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What is a man and what is a woman? New Florida law formally answers “the question of this decade”


Florida – Florida’s political landscape is currently centered around a contentious new bill, House Bill 1233, introduced on January 4. This proposed legislation has sparked a significant debate among various communities and leaders across the state.

House Bill 1233 aims to establish legal definitions for the terms “man” and “woman” based on the biological sex assigned at birth. The bill, championed by Representative Dean Black, proposes that a person’s legal gender should align with what is recorded on their birth certificate. Rep. Black stated in a press release, “Since time immemorial, and for all time yet to come, there are two sexes: male and female. These are immutable, unchanging characteristics in the eyes of the law… And so now, with the filing of this bill we have answered the defining question of this decade, ‘What is a woman?’”

Moreover, the bill intends to replace the term ‘gender’ with ‘sex’ in official documents. This would affect various applications, including those for disability ID cards, driver licenses, and ID cards. The bill seeks to prohibit the issuance of documents that display a sex different from what was assigned at birth.

This move has not gone unnoticed, attracting vehement opposition from various quarters. Rep. Anna V. Eskamani condemned the bill in a Facebook post, calling it “another sweeping assault on the rights and dignity of transgender Floridians that seeks to deny their existence. It’s disgusting, unnecessary, and we will do everything we can to stop it.”

Equality Florida, a prominent LGBTQ+ civil rights organization in the state, also expressed its strong disapproval. The organization highlighted the bill’s potential implications on social media, such as denying accurate drivers’ licenses to transgender individuals, revoking transgender protections, reinforcing discrimination, and necessitating the surveillance of transgender people by public agencies.

The bill requires insurers to cover therapies and mental health services that affirm a person’s sex assigned at birth when “a person’s perception that his or her sex is inconsistent with the sex at birth,” in all policies after July 1. Equality Florida, in a statement on their X profile, said that this section of the bill refers to the “widely debunked, fraudulent, and dangerous practice” of conversion therapy.

In response to these developments, LGBTQ+ leaders from Central Florida plan to join Equality Florida in Tallahassee for the event “Pride At The Capitol” on January 16-17. This initiative aims to make their voices heard and hold lawmakers accountable. Equality Florida Public Policy Director Jon Harris Maurer expressed a readiness to fight, stating, “This bill is rooted in a dangerous ideology that denies transgender people do or should exist. It is part of a blatant attempt to oust transgender Floridians and their families from the state, making them political refugees.”

For those interested in supporting this cause or learning more, information is available at EQFL.org/PATC.

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