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Where do Trump’s fundraising dollars really go: Campaign and legal bills first, RNC later


Florida – Donald Trump’s fundraising efforts demonstrate a strategic allocation of donations that prioritizes his campaign and legal defense before supporting the Republican National Committee (RNC) and state parties. This approach is detailed in the invitation for an upcoming high-dollar fundraiser in Florida, illustrating the flow of contributions from donors directly to Trump’s campaign and then to his leadership PAC, Save America, which significantly contributes to his legal expenses.

The fundraising invitation for the event next month outlines that the first $6,600 of an individual donor’s contribution is allocated to Trump’s campaign committee. This amount represents the maximum a candidate can receive from an individual for both the primary and general election campaigns. Following this, the next $5,000 is directed to Save America, a leadership PAC that has been instrumental in covering tens of millions of dollars in legal costs for Trump and his allies over recent years.

The RNC finds itself third in line for these contributions, with the invitation stating it would receive the subsequent $413,000. This fundraising structure is introduced at a time when the RNC is reportedly experiencing financial strain as the election year approaches. The April 6 “Inaugural Leadership Dinner” is expected to draw a crowd of affluent Republicans, further highlighting the strategic efforts to gather support through substantial financial contributions.

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This arrangement raises questions about the continued use of donor funds to support Trump’s legal defenses amidst his increasing legal challenges. Trump’s spokesman, Steven Cheung, defended the strategy, emphasizing that Save America also supports a variety of other expenses beyond legal fees, including the operations of a very active post-presidency office. Cheung noted, “The Trump campaign, the RNC, and state GOP parties ultimately receive the overwhelming majority of funds raised through the Trump 47 Committee,” asserting that a minimal portion of an individual’s maximum donation benefits Save America.

Federal election records reveal that Save America has disbursed over $72.5 million on legal expenses since the beginning of 2021. In February alone, the PAC’s legal expenditures amounted to nearly $5.6 million, overshadowing its income for the month. With trial dates looming and Trump facing 88 criminal charges across four indictments, as well as a significant civil fraud judgment in New York, these legal costs are anticipated to surge.

The fundraising strategy employed by Trump, the RNC, and state parties reflects a calculated effort to navigate through financial and legal challenges. With a maximum individual donation cap of $814,600 for the April dinner, which includes exclusive perks such as dining at Trump’s table, the campaign continues to engage and incentivize high-level contributions. This method allows Trump to raise funds for the primary season up until he is officially nominated at his party’s convention, underscoring the strategic financial planning behind his 2024 presidential campaign efforts.

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