Who we are

Benjamin Thompson

Benjamin Thompson is the driving force behind The Woodlands Tamarac, overseeing the publication’s direction and ensuring it remains a vital source of local and national news. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for journalism, Benjamin has been instrumental in making the newspaper a respected voice in Tamarac and Miami.

Alexander Hernandez

As the Editor of The Woodlands Tamarac, Alexander Hernandez brings a wealth of experience in journalism and a commitment to editorial excellence. He is responsible for shaping the content, maintaining journalistic integrity, and ensuring that the newspaper stays relevant and informative for its readership.

Isabella Hernandez

Isabella Hernandez is a key member of the newsdesk at The Woodlands Tamarac. Her role involves coordinating news coverage, managing incoming stories, and working closely with reporters to cover the latest developments in Tamarac, Miami, and Florida state. Her dedication ensures that readers get timely and accurate news.

Mia Jackson

Mia Jackson is a talented writer at The Woodlands Tamarac, known for her insightful and engaging articles. Covering a wide range of topics from local happenings to major national events, her writing style connects with readers, providing them with a deeper understanding of the news that matters.

Charlotte Lopez

Charlotte Lopez is a writer whose work is characterized by in-depth research and a flair for storytelling. At The Woodlands Tamarac, she covers various topics, offering readers comprehensive reports on issues affecting the Tamarac and Miami communities, as well as significant national news.