By: Sharon Aron Baron

Back in the heyday of the Woodlands Country Club, when almost all of the sections were full of retirees and snowbirds, and children were relegated to Section Two, the clubhouses were hopping with activity.

It wasn’t just the country club that had all the fun, sections that had clubhouses fully utilized them for social activities, and every section had an appointed “social director.”

In the early to late 1970’s, Tamarac had a newspaper called Tamarac Topics that published news from around the city, including contributions from the local social directors.

I found these snippets from the old newspapers at the Tamarac Historical Society. Maybe you remember all the activities that went on including: bridge, sewing and pot-luck dinners.


The Section One clubhouse had lots of activities going on including painting, dancing and…..creative thinking? 


photo 2

Section Six had their own social columnist writing about the latest goings on in her community.  There seemed to be a lot of newlyweds in the area.  However, I highly doubt these were first marriages.  She even wrote about a lost gold money clip that was found on Rock Island Road.  If anything of value is lost on Rock Island Road now, consider it history.


Section Seven had a big night on March 26 with a social hour, potluck supper and business meeting.  I’m wondering if business meetings were a kinder, gentler name for a section meeting. Bingo, cards and art were also offered.

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