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The Woodlands Country Club was featured on Channel 10 News this evening in a story which featured one of our residents who recently lost his cat to a coyote

Section Seven Resident Steve Buck, who’s cat recently was killed by a coyote in the community showed a reporter from Channel 10 some of the traps he has set up around the community.  Sherry Schleuter, with the Wildlife Care Center,  who was also interviewed, also warned residents to discourage coyotes from getting too familiar with people by securing their garbage and throwing something at them to shoo them away.

In what was a sad moment, which seemed almost too coincidental, the reporter finds missing dog “Fletcher’s” collar who had been missing for a month after his owner’s son had accidentally left him outside when she was out of town.   While there is no proof that he died as a result of the coyote,  the fact is, his owner is devastated.

Please remember:  If you have a pet, especially a small animal.  Do not allow it to wander around outdoors.   Most importantly, if you have a declawed cat you must never, ever allow your cat to go outdoors.

A cat that is declawed has no defense against anything outside and cannot even climb a tree to save itself.

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