Grumpy Cat is not happy
Grumpy Cat is not happy

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Back in February, the Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District requested funds in the amount of $30,000 from the city’s LETF funds or Law Enforcement Trust Funds, but unfortunately, they were recently denied.

The WNID needed to fund a study by a professional who could provide a redevelopment plan for the Woodlands. Problem was, the WNID didn’t have the $30,000 and the city of Tamarac wasn’t going to fund it. Resident Ilene Lieberman suggested that the WNID board use Law Enforcement Trust Funds to pay for it.

Tamarac has $318,929.00 in State and Federal dollars in the fund which come from the proceeds of seized contraband used in the commission of felonies. Using these funds for Safe Neighborhood Districts is one of the purposes of the money.

Our very own resident and Vice Mayor Michelle Gomez, who attends our WNID meetings regularly, should have been our biggest advocate to move the request forward for a vote, but unfortunately, she never got the request on the agenda so that the commission could vote on it.

According to WNID members in attendance at the meeting last Thursday, Gomez said that Captain Glassman made the final determination. She said that he would not be recommending releasing the funds to the WNID because the low amount of crime in the Woodlands didn’t justify the necessity.

According to The Florida Statute Chapter 932.701-706, the dispersal must be voted on by the city commission, so his recommendation should have been up to the commission to decide.

But it never got there.

Is someone at the city making Glassman the fall guy because they don’t want to give us the funds?

Why isn’t Gomez working harder on our behalf to get it on the agenda?

Let’s look at another scenario here: say Glassman is correct. Maybe the Woodlands doesn’t have a high enough amount of crime to justify the redevelopment plan for the WNID or maybe the amount of crime has gone down so low, that we don’t even need a safe neighborhood district.

Using that logic, maybe we don’t need to pay BSO $220,000 per year for roving patrol either.

Why should we?

If Glassman believes that the Woodlands has low crime, why don’t we just utilize regular BSO who should be driving around here periodically anyway. After all, our tax dollars pay for it.

Have an emergency? BSO recommends you call 911, not the roving patrol anyway.

So Captain Glassman, since you think our crime isn’t high in the Woodlands, maybe we shouldn’t hire your BSO detail.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

17 Responses to "Woodlands Denied Law Enforcement Funds Earmarked for Safe Neighborhood Districts"

  1. Karen  

    Sharon, you are right about spending $220,000 (plus some) for private patrol. This money could be used for Capital Improvements. Paying BSO for sitting under a shaded tree or at a clubhouse is not why we are paying them. We may as well throw our money out the window. We should be using the money to create a neighborhood that is hard for criminals to get in to, with walls, street closures and gates to deter those whose intent is to harm us, and improving the perimeter landscape.
    We do not have an advocate for any neighborhood with our current Commissioners. As residents of Tamarac we need to ask “What has our Commissioner done for us lately?”
    I would really like to ask all the HOA’s in District 2 (and all the Districts):
    1) Do you as an HOA; want to make improvements to their neighborhood?
    2) If so, have you asked your Commissioner for help?
    3) What kind of response are you getting?

    If the response you get is “No, we can’t …..Or it cost too much” is this what you want to hear? Or would you rather hear, “there must be a way we can accomplish the projects you want done. I know other cities are making improvements in their neighborhoods; let’s learn how they are getting them done.”
    I know I would like to hear those words, rather than “No you can’t do that”.
    Our Commissioners need to educate themselves and BE PRO-ACTIVE, because currently they too just TAKE our TAX DOLLARS and that too is like “throwing our money out the window”.

  2. Karen  

    My neighbor just knocked on my door to tell me they were broken into and robbedlast night. What really makes me nervous is that we were home! We didn’t hear a thing! THANK YOU PRIVATE DUTY BSO FOR SITTING UNDER YOUR TREE INSTEAD OF PROTECTING OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!
    My neighbor didn’t realize that we as home owners pay $220,000 per year for PRIVATE BSO SERVICES!! He just didn’t realize it. I told him that the WNID has been trying to get the Woodlands better protection and security with CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS, but keep getting denied help for our City Commissioners AND the BSO, THAT WE PAY FOR!!!!!!

  3. Ben Kanarek  

    I an very confused. Can you please explain to me why we have so many Committees spending hours wasting minutes. I thought the WHOA was responsible for everything within the Woodlands and that even the various Sections report through the WHOA. Who is accountable? Does the right hand no what the left hand is doing or even cares?

    Editor: Barry, since you applied to be on the WNID, you should know more about it. Mainly that it is NOT under the umbrella of the WHOA as another committee. It is it’s own district and members are approved by the city of Tamarac.

    • Ben Kanarek  

      What does that mean?

      • Ben Kanarek  

        I was asked to join the WNID before I could get an understanding of their mandate. It appears to me that all these conversations about the Roving Patrol are a WHOA issue. And the other committees can talk till they are blue in their face but lack the authority to get anything done!

        And when you only get a handful of home owners attending the WHOA elections last week it should tell you that either people don’t care or think their voices are meaningless. I am curious if so many people think the Roving Patrol is worthless why do we renew their contract.

        And to say the WHOA annual meeting at the club house earlier this month was somewhat less than professional is being kind.

        Maybe its time to go in and rewrite the by-laws so we can get a nominating committee to review the credentials of the people running for office not only on the WHOA but on the Section Level as well?

        • Karen  

          Hi Barry! You have good questions!:
          1) “I am curious if so many people think the Roving Patrol is worthless why do we renew their contract.”: I wish I had an answer for that one. As far as I know, the WHOA board has not looked into an alternative solution for BSO, except for the Sec. 1 President, but the city turned the proposed solution. However, the WNID had a presentation (and a proposal) from a security camera company that the City of Tamarac uses in some of it’s parks. I just can’t remember if it was presented to the WHOA though.

  4. Michael  

    I have to say that I must agree with Karen when it comes to the huge amount of money that we pay BSO, only to be told at our WHOA meetings that we should call 911. Also at the meetings BSO keeps telling us what we should do to deter break ins, well what a sweet deal, we pay them to protect us and they tell us what we should do. I truly think that the residents of the Woodlands should start thinking about taking that $231,000.00 a year and start spending it on protecting ourselves. That is what the WNID is trying to do, but it keeps hitting a brick wall.
    The “no group” spends too much time trying to disolve the very entity ( the WNID, ) which is trying to help them, but they can not look beyond their old ways of thinking. This place is not safe from robberies as it is, we need to support the WNID, so it can make the improvements that are so very needed. The WHOA can not do it alone, it also need to support it too.

    • Ramon Tiburcio  

      Michael. According to your comments the “no group” “can not look beyond their old way of thinking”, maybe the WNID group “can not look beyond their old way of thinking” either and in the mean time, nothing get’s done. There are way more “old” communities without any Neighborhood improvement districts that with them and the fact that the City of Tamarac is backing this, for sure means that it is good for the city, not necessarily for The Woodlands. People are tired of taxes and maybe the “no group” see the WNID as a new tax to be spend by people that wont let others talk in meetings. Once that underline issue is solved, WNID may move ahead.

  5. Karen  

    We spend (this years budget) $220,000; that is very expensive for taking police reports after a robbery. How many times has our Roving Patrol stopped a burglar? We need to take those stats into consideration and calculate them to what we spend and ask “Are they worth it”? Is the Roving Patrol really detering robberies?
    The WNID had a proposal to install cameras around our development; the cost was about the same as we pay BSO for one year!! And the company is currently being used in some areas of Tamarac! And this company is the only company that has direct connection to the BSO! Which means the BSO would get an alert when a license plate is flagged.
    So tell me, is Tamarac helping their communities make smart decisions for Safety or Upgrades? Is your Commissioner an Advocate for helping their community make smart decisions for Safety?

  6. Ramon Tiburcio  

    I think that what we need is having cameras and other deterrent installed. It is not important who installed. If we fund the WHOA, we don’t need the WIND or to pay any BSO. As I mentioned in this forum, over two years ago (and $450,000 ago) Using this BSO funds to protect and embellish our development instead of paying them is a much better usage of our funds. BTW there are alarm companies that can install alarms to all homes in our community for only the cost of yearly monitor ($360.00 each home). That may be the first step of protecting us all. BSO, may be right, with higher crime in other communities in Tamarac, why spend that money in The Woodlands?

    • Karen  

      Hi Ramon, you have very valid and good points. You are right “If we fund the WHOA, we don’t need the WIND or to pay any BSO.”
      At the time the WHOA created the WNID there were (and are) people who do not pay their HOA dues (and can’t be forced to pay in some sections) It wasn’t (and isn’t) fair to residents who do pay their dues. We have people in here that just refuse to contribute.
      Thus the purpose of the WNID would be to have a referendum with assessment tax so that “everyone” would pay. the WHOA just didn’t know what else to do. The good thing about the Woodlands (or any taxing district) is that the tax dollars stay in and for the Woodlands; it would not be distributed to the city.
      Take for instance Colony West; some residents were against buying a golf course, but the city bought it anyway. We didn’t even get to vote on that issue. Whereas we would have a “say” where our tax dollars would go in the Woodlands through a referendum. That’s the reason for the WNID in a nutshell.
      It’s been a tough road because so few people really understand the reason for the WNID’s existance.

    • Karen  

      I wanted to address this as well because I REALLY like it!! “BTW there are alarm companies that can install alarms to all homes in our community for only the cost of yearly monitor ($360.00 each home).” #1) it is less then ADT.
      Ramon would you gather the facts on this company? Then give a presentation to the WHOA? Or perhaps the company will do a presentation?
      I too have thought about this, but have not researched it.

  7. Chris  

    I am surprised that in this age some people choose not to have their homes monitored with alarms. I know they don’t eliminate the threat of robberies, but it sure does deter them from entering a house with an alarm screaming. We should each take the responsibility to protect our own investments and not depend on roving patrol, COPS, BSO or anyone else. Again, they do not eliminate the threat.

    My question is why would we want to pay someone $30,000 to come here and tell us what we should do. There are some highly intelligent people ( I hope) living here in this community and one would think that some of them could come up with a plan of action. The problem with that is that everything cost money. Lots of it!!! Some people living here will vote no against spending any money on improvements no matter what the benefit. I think that is who Michael refers to as the “No group.” Hopefully, there are not enough of them to keep us back from doing anything. If there are, then everyone is just wasting their time.

    I am interested in about hearing more about the camera system and the benefits and security they could provide. Is there any benefit at all? If a break in occurs, how could cameras help? Do they need to capture the car with the valuables visible on the tape. I don’t know if having proof that a car was on our property during the time of a robbery can be sufficient evidence to do anything. These are public roads. Like I said, I don’t know. Maybe a representative from a camera company could come and give an informational meeting and discuss these issues to get more people on board. What is the cost per homeowner and is that even feasible knowing the “no group” exists?

    • Karen  

      Hi Chris! you too have some really valid comments:
      1)”I know they don’t eliminate the threat of robberies, but it sure does deter them from entering a house with an alarm screaming.”:
      The BSO has shown us that even with an alarm screaming, they know it will take at least 5-10 minutes for the alarm company to call the owners then the BSO. So, the burglars still have time to get to the small stuff i.e. jewelry, ipads, laptops etc.
      2)”why would we want to pay someone $30,000 to come here and tell us what we should do.” This came about because neither the WHOA or the WNID has been able to create a CIP-Capital Improvement Plan, thus “a professional” should be used. Also, the State Statute requires it.
      3)”I am interested in about hearing more about the camera system and the benefits and security they could provide.” I can send you information from PIP Security (Tamarac uses them in some of the parks), they had a presentation to the WNID last year. send your email address.

  8. Michael  

    Yes Chris, the “no group” that I refer to are the residents who live here that have their heads in the sand and refuse to beleive that their is a need for any changes that would benefit our community. Originally I thought that they were afraid they might have to spend some money, but at the recent home owner’s meeting, even when it was announced that walls and fences were going to be installed, by the city, not incurring any cost to them, they still refused to support it. They live in the past and still see this place as a 1970’s golf course community and want it to stay the same, when we all know that is impossible.

    Ramon I agree you do have some valid points, however, funding the WHOA, is only the answer if they support what is needed and spend the money where it is truly effective. Don’t forget BSO, the roving police still keep getting their contract renewed, we need to look at alternative solutions and so far the WHOA is not doing that. I support other avenues as do others on the WHOA board, but we need the residents to let their section presidents know how they feel about it. The robberies continue, only to be told at the WHOA meeting, that crime is down. Well tell that to the victims of the robbery, myself included. When you see the roving police zoom down the block, or you see their cars side by side, the officers chatting by the clubhouses, while the robbers are breaking in the backs or sides of our homes, how does that make you feel? Nothing will change until the residents get disgusted enough and attend the meetings and let their voices be heard, and press their section presidents for action to be taken. Maybe if one of the “no group” residents got robbed, they would perhaps realize that we need cameras, walls, fences and maybe private security. Sometimes a good wake up call is what is needed to jolt them into seeing what is really going on here. It bothers them to spend money for better security that might work better, but yet they have no problem contributing to the 230k a year we spend on BSO, who tell us to call 911 when we need them.

  9. Ah, yes the consultants to tell us what our problems are, WE KNOW wHAT THE problems ARE, in our community,
    First, off , we don’t need high walls, lol, c’mon, that never stops anybody, as far as people cutting through woodlands to get where they want to go fast, IT IS PROVEN EVERYWHERE! a simple way to stop this is speed bumps all through the woodlands, it will make a real slow ride, to get through this community, and people will just by pass this community to get to where they are going if they don’t live here, second, you get real good looks of cars and people if they are casing out the place to find a house to rob, and a lot slower getting out of here, it works everywhere, speed bumps work, it slows down traffic for walking, riding your bikes, and walking your dogs, and you won’t get hit by a car in the process, the cops are a good idea, but at what cost, I always thought that’s there job everywhere to come through like all developments everywhere, ? And keep a eye on all places, and yes I seen them always after the fact that the speeding cars after they leave, especially after the golfers go home after a few cocktails and a round of golf speeding up woodlands drive to get to commercial,, I stopped a guy myself right in the middle of the road and had a few choice words protecting my dog, from being hit, he ain’t coming back,, lol. Old school is good , but not for the few choice people on the board, the SIMPLE THINGS AND SOLUTIONS WORK! all the time NO CONSULTANTS, JUST GOOD THINKING FOR THE COMMUNITY, AND SIMPLE IDEAS, WORK! The more stupid complicated thought out process DON’T WORK, AND NOTHING GETS DONE,,JUST GOOD MONEY SPENT, SPPED BUMPS! SLOWS DOWN TRAFFIC! YOU CAN MONITER thE PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIVE HERE! GET LICENCE PLATE NUMBERS! AND EVEN CATCH THEM BEFORE THEY GET OUT OF THE COMMUNITY!!!,, JUST A SIMPLE THOUGHT THAT WORKS! PUT THAT SECURITY MONIES TO BETTER USES!!

  10. ONE MORE THING , the old school way of thinking, is fine , but there are a lot of people on the board that thinks they are doing the right things when they are not, I had a conversation with some one at the pool, about a matter, and what was told to me in just talking was this, this is what we decided, I think it was only three people who made a decision amongs them selves? THIS IS WHAT WE DECIDED! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO, AND WE DON’T CARE WHAT is said at meetings, another words done deal!!!!!!!….this needs to be addressed, ..we need to discuss these things,, WITHOUT THE YELLING! THE ENTITLEMENTS PEOPLE WHO ARE ELECTED TO THE POSITIONS IN THERE SECTION! THINK THEY HAVE,, NO!NO NO!, .sometimes they have these positions because no one else wants them, THEY ACT LIKE CHILDREN, OR WORSE POMPASS ASSES, WHO THINK THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.. That’s why people sometimes do not want to be bothered…


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