Featured in the Summer 2011 Issue of ClubLink Life Magazine is the Woodlands Country Club.   Of course, I’m letting residents know not only because I contributed the article to ClubLink, but I’m genuinely thrilled about our club getting international exposure with the distribution of 22,000 magazines going out to their members.

Now if you are expecting the “Swinger” to arrive in your mailbox , you will be pleasantly surprised by this beautiful glossy magazine that’s filled with 66 pages of stories and advertising from major sponsors.   Of course, there are the customary articles about golf, but editor John Gordon also makes it interesting by adding stories about fashion, music, fly fishing, dining and various clubs where members have reciprocal play.

Read full article here:

The Summer issue of ClubLink Life is here!

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.
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One Response to "Woodlands Featured in ClubLink Life Magazine"

  1. I think it’s great that the Woodlands is getting some fine advertising, however, it seems a bit early to feature a country club and golf course that needs so much improvement. I am sure they did not show photographs of the course that needs to be fixed, or the numerous areas where the flower beds are neglected, the weedy fence area, or the neglected poorly maintained perimeter.

    Perhaps a before and after feature would have been a more accurate view of what the Woodlands looks like and what it actually has to offer new members. How disappointing it would be to a prospective member, when they arrive and see what the Woodlands really looks like. It would be better to show a work in progress ad, then to mislead anyone by not showing the total package. I am not trying to be sour grapes, just be honest with the public is all I am asking for…

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