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It was a contentious city commission meeting today and as I reported yesterday, Commissioner Gomez was going to ask the rest of the commission to table the vote on the ordinance amending the WNID, however, she received no support from other members.

In 2010, the Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District was established by the Homeowners Association and the Tamarac City Commission under the Safe Neighborhoods Act. Because there are eight separate and distinctive sections within the community of 910 homes, with two of them not even part of the HOA, and one entire area without any documents at all, establishing the WNID was the best course of action to fund improvements such as new signs, security cameras, and other items.

But there have been so many issues since the WNID was formed and so many reasons why the City doesn’t support it now.  First off, the City spent  between $100,000.00 and  $110,000.00 in legal fees defending various complaints filed by Woodlands resident Pat Barsorian, which failed, however she was never required to reimburse the City.

Secondly, there was the Board that couldn’t get a referendum off the ground in four years. Four years with very little progress done during this time.  The one referendum that went out was recalled.  The people that they would accept to be a part of their board had to be approved by the rest of group and ultimately approved by the City. I even interviewed to be on the board and was denied.  Larry Torn said I would have to quit writing this website if I were to be approved.  Now, what does that have to do with being on a board?  It was just nonsense.  There was even a treasurer that didn’t even open up mailed banking statements with several years of statements missing.

Then when the WNID asked the city for Law Enforcement Trust Funds to help fund a study by a professional for a redevelopment plan, the City said no. There were $318,929.00 in State and Federal dollars that were earmarked for Safe Neighborhood Districts and other items and the City said we couldn’t have them.  That was a slap in the face.   I knew it was over then.

Lastly, were the very own people that lived here that just didn’t want to see improvements.  Scared off because they didn’t understand the process of moving the funds they were already paying for security and beautification over from their dues, to their taxes, they became confused about how the process worked.

But all is still well in our community.  We have six sections that pay for security.  Two that do not.  And one small section without any documents at all.  We will move on and continue as neighbors and learn from this and hopefully we will find a way to make improvements another way.




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