If someone has a drinking problem, that’s their business.

If someone wants to throw their empty bottles in my neighborhood, then it becomes my business.

During this dry spring season, water levels are down in our lakes and with it brings washed up debris on its muddy banks.

Barbara Sharief
Wino’s preferred brand

While taking a walk, I couldn’t help by notice small bottles of wine scattered lakeside on Woodlands Boulevard near the country club.  Many more empty bottles were lying in the grass, as if the person throwing them had missed the lake.

I collected about nine empty bottles, however, there were many more in the lake resembling the aftermath of a “mini-bar” party.

I have a few theories about who is drinking and tossing the bottles: They could be a resident or an employee of the country club driving to or from work each day tossing their contraband out of their window.  It would have to be in the early morning hours or after dark as someone would surely witness this.  They could also be a golf course maintenance worker hiding their daily stash in their clothing, disposing of them by throwing them off their mower in this particular area of the golf course.

Whoever they are, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this worthless wino who is littering our neighborhood.  If they can’t stop drinking wine on the job or in their car,  then the least they can do is properly dispose of their bottles.

Here’s a clue:  They have a particular taste for Sutter Home wine.


UPDATE: Another bottle found on May 2nd






UPDATE: Another bottle discovered May 4th

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2 Responses to "Who is the “Woodlands Wino?”"

  1. I agree, it is a shame that there are individuals in our beautiful community that think nothing of littering. I am aghast when I enter our community and see litter such as beer bottles and Starbucks coffee cups near the entrance and along the median of Woodlands Boulevard. I would like to know, have we always had a problem with littering? When I moved in four years ago, I would never see any litter on our streets. What changed?

  2. I also agree, and it seems to be more frequent, people throwing trash out of their car windows, leaving bottles, cups, and papers alongside the Woodland’s common areas. The canal on my street, White Oak lane, has many empty bottles in the low level water areas. The worst area for debris is on the corner of commercial blvd near Rock Island where the chain link fence boarders the golf course. There are trash bags behind the cement light pole, as well as bottles, cups, even a huge light fixture was dumped there the other day. I also blame The Woodlands for not keeping these areas clean, some of the debris has been there for many weeks. Code enforcement is aware of this, but so far nothing has been done. When they cut the grass ( not too often) they do not pick of the litter and it is just adding up each week. It seems when people see an area that has weeds and a lot of trash dumped there, they seem to think it’s fine to just throw their stuff there also…Maybe if the Woodlands would clean up their act, and keep the common areas clean, mowed, weed free and watered, then others would take some pride and not litter. Also you may notice the medians on commercial blvd and Rock Island are kept beautiful, unlike the Woodland’s common areas…What changed you ask? Simple, the areas are not being maintained, the excuses continue, and unfortunately, we have to look at the mess every day…

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