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It looks like the Woodlands has set precedent in the City of Tamarac.  Woodmont, our neighbors to the west wants to form a District as well.   It looks like the same inaccuracies about Districts are going around their neighborhood.  However, this one is misleading residents into thinking there will be land use changes as a result of creating a District.  The following letter by Woodmont Association President Lee Viverette addresses these rumors:

Response to a Divisive letter sent to our residents

A letter was mailed to all the residents of Woodmont and while there were a few correct statements, for the most part the letter was misleading and disturbing.

I am a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser and I have a Real Estate Sales license.

Who better to understand the value of maintaining and preserving our community?

For more than just a few years the appearance of our community has begun to decline. It is my wish to restore Woodmont to a level that other communities can aspire to.

When I learned about how some communities have formed Safe Neighborhood Districts in order to preserve and revitalize their communities I realized it was something we should consider.

The concept of forming a new district in Woodmont was presented to the community at an open meeting on December 7th. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how such a district could benefit our community. The meeting was to “inform” our residents of a State of Florida program that has the potential to benefit Woodmont. One of the things I stated several times during the presentation was “I want people to leave here with more answers than questions.”

There can only be a functioning district after approval by a majority vote of the community.

In an attempt to discredit the intent of upgrading the signage at our entrances, the letter has some nonsense about deed changes that somehow mysteriously affect the land use.

We all want our entrances to look their best, and many want someone else to step up and do it.

We want to find away to make Woodmont shine again. We want to make our community one to be proud of.


Lee Viverette

President WPOA

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