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First Lady DeSantis unveils first-in-nation resiliency program for Florida schools


Florida – First Lady Casey DeSantis has announced an educational initiative, Resiliency Florida, aimed at enhancing resilience among students both in school and at home. This groundbreaking program introduces an unprecedented opportunity for Florida parents and grandparents to actively participate as in-school Resiliency Coaches, equipped to support students in navigating life’s challenges.

Engaging the Community in Education

During her announcement, First Lady Casey DeSantis highlighted the importance of resilience in academic and personal development. She revealed that parents and grandparents who become Resiliency Coaches will receive a $150 stipend after completing a one-hour training session and a practical volunteering phase in schools. This program is set to start with training available this summer and practicum opportunities opening in the fall of 2024.

“Resiliency is important for students to successfully navigate and overcome life’s obstacles,” said First Lady Casey DeSantis. “Florida parents, grandparents, teachers, and mentors will now have opportunities to coach and access to high-quality resources to lead important discussions with students about resiliency.”

A Comprehensive Approach to Student Wellness

The Resiliency Florida initiative is designed to refocus mental health education towards building essential life skills such as grit, perseverance, gratitude, and empathy. These skills are aimed at preparing students not just academically but socially, empowering them to handle various life situations effectively.

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Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr., praised the initiative, stating, “The First Lady’s Resiliency Florida initiative is an innovative way to approach mental health and student support. We are proud to be a part of this historic endeavor and look forward to finding more ways to encourage Florida students to be resilient.”

Resources and Support for Families

As part of the initiative, classroom teaching aids and recommended reading materials will be made available in schools to support the curriculum. Additionally, parents can access discussion guides to help facilitate conversations about resilience at home, thus extending learning beyond the classroom.

Interested individuals can find more information and access the Resiliency Florida materials by visiting the newly launched website at BuildResiliency.org.

A Continued Commitment to Education

First Lady DeSantis initially launched the Resiliency Florida initiative in February 2021, with the State Board of Education adopting her recommendations in March 2023. These guidelines set a foundation for imparting critical skills in the early grades and continue to support students as they advance. The program not only emphasizes academic skills but also incorporates elements of civic responsibility and mentorship.

This initiative is part of Florida’s broader commitment to remain a national leader in innovative educational strategies, focusing on strong students and empowered parents. For those seeking further details on this and other educational programs, the Florida Department of Education’s website at www.fldoe.org offers a wealth of resources.

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