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Trump’s high-dollar fundraiser in Florida drew wealthy but controversial figures


Florida – The former President Donald Trump hosted a significant fundraising event earlier this month, gathering support from a controversial group of billionaire donors. This event, which took place at billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson’s home in Florida, raised a substantial $50.5 million for Trump’s campaign and was part of the former president’s efforts to bolster his presidential campaign finances, particularly as he faces substantial legal bills and competes with President Joe Biden’s fundraising achievements.

Controversial Figures Among Supporters

The fundraiser, attended by various prominent and contentious figures, underscores the complex network of support behind Trump’s bid for re-election. Among the co-chairs listed for the event were:

  • John Paulson: The event host, a hedge fund manager known for his role in the financial crisis and advocacy for transforming Social Security into a “defined contribution” system. His financial maneuvers have often been under scrutiny for their broader economic impacts.
  • Robert Bigelow: Known for his real estate ventures and peculiar interest in UFOs, Bigelow’s decision to file eviction actions during the peak of the COVID pandemic drew significant criticism. His financial contributions have supported various unconventional research initiatives and political campaigns.

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  • Howard Lutnick: As CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, Lutnick manages a financial group with ties to Tether, a cryptocurrency linked to various illegal activities worldwide.
  • Mike Hodges: A payday lender who has openly stated his ability to influence political decisions through donations. His remarks captured in media reports suggest a candid acknowledgment of the power of financial contributions in shaping regulatory frameworks.
  • Robert Mercer: A key figure in the finance world, Mercer has heavily invested in the far-right media outlet Breitbart. His financial backing of conservative causes has made him a pivotal player in shaping right-wing narratives.
  • Pepe Fanjul: A figure in the sugar industry, Fanjul faced public backlash for his connections to controversial historical figures within the racial politics sphere. His refusal to cut ties with associates linked to racist organizations has been a point of contention.
  • Steve Wynn: The casino mogul stepped down as RNC finance chair after allegations of sexual misconduct emerged, leading to a significant corporate and personal fallout. His case highlighted issues of power dynamics and misconduct in the corporate world.
  • Todd Ricketts: Known for his ownership of the Chicago Cubs and his involvement in political fundraising, Ricketts came under fire for exploiting tax loopholes to avoid paying due taxes on his property, drawing ire for his use of legal gray areas for personal benefit.
  • Harold Hamm: As the chairman of Continental Resources, Hamm has been a vocal advocate for tax breaks for the oil industry, using his influence to lobby for policies beneficial to his business interests at the potential expense of broader environmental concerns.
  • John Catsimatidis: The owner of Gristedes Stores is not just known for his business acumen but also for his controversial remarks comparing tax policies affecting the wealthy to historical injustices, including Nazism. “We can’t punish any on group and chase them away. We—I mean, Hitler punished the Jews. We can’t have punishing the ‘2 percent group’ right now,” Catsimatidis said.

A Night of High Stakes and High Donations

Trump’s event highlighted his ongoing appeal to some of America’s wealthiest individuals, despite the controversies surrounding some of them. His statements during the event that he would keep taxes low for billionaires if re-elected align with his previous policies that heavily favored the rich.

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This fundraising success comes at a critical time as Trump’s campaign cash flow had been lagging behind President Joe Biden’s, who raised about $26 million at a single event in New York. Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee have significantly outpaced their Republican counterparts in fundraising efforts. According to figures released by the two campaigns, Biden ended March with $192 million cash on hand, more than double the Trump campaign’s number.

Democratic Response

The Biden-Harris campaign has quickly responded to Trump’s fundraising efforts, pointing out the implications of his policies favored by and for the wealthy. Sarafina Chitika, a senior spokesperson for the campaign, criticized Trump’s alignment with donors who are seen as benefiting from policies detrimental to broader societal needs, such as social security and public welfare.

“Donald Trump’s billionaire donors are just like him: hellbent on gutting Social Security and ripping away seniors’ earned benefits while lining their own pockets with tax giveaways to the wealthy. When Trump says he wants to cut seniors’ earned benefits – just like he tried to do every single year that he was in office – we should believe him. His billionaire buddies certainly do,” Chitika said.

This fundraising event and the reactions it has elicited underscore the deep divisions in American politics, particularly concerning economic policies and social welfare. As the election approaches, these issues are likely to become even more prominent, influencing voters’ decisions at the polls.

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