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Urgent request from Miami-Dade Mayor to block legislation impacting workers and businesses


Miami, Florida – Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava has made a decisive move against two bills approved by the Florida State Legislature, seeking intervention from Governor Ron DeSantis to prevent potential adverse effects on local economies and workers’ rights.

Mayor’s Call to Action

In a letter addressed to Governor DeSantis, Mayor Levine Cava expressed her deep concerns over HB 433 “Employment Regulations” and HB 705 “Public Works Projects,” which are poised to become state laws.

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The mayor’s statement sheds light on the critical importance of local programs that these bills threaten to undermine: “I am deeply disappointed by the State Legislature’s decision to pass these two bills that force local governments like Miami-Dade County to end programs that ensure living wages for many of our residents and help small local businesses. These programs have contributed greatly to our continued economic growth and to one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Florida.”

Potential Impact on Workers and Local Businesses

Mayor Levine Cava drew attention to the direct consequences these bills would have if enacted, particularly their impact on workers’ wages and the autonomy of local communities to support their residents and small businesses. “If signed into law, these bills will not only cut wages for thousands of working families in Miami-Dade, but will also infringe on our freedom as a community to ensure that our residents can make an honest living, pay their bills, get good jobs, and start successful, thriving businesses.”

Moreover, the mayor points out the detrimental effects of HB 705 on local business opportunities and community development projects: “HB705 would also be devastating for local programs that give priority to local businesses to bolster our local economy and ensure our residents benefit from construction projects undertaken in our community.”

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A Plea for Local Autonomy

In her concluding remarks, Mayor Levine Cava calls on Governor DeSantis to veto the contentious bills, emphasizing the vital need for communities to retain autonomy over decisions impacting their economic and social well-being: “I urge Governor DeSantis to veto HB 433 and HB 705. At a time when many are struggling to get by, the ripple effects of these bills could be devastating. Each community has its own unique needs and should have the freedom to determine what is best for its economy, workers, and small businesses.”

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