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Warning signs for Trump in Florida


Florida – Several Republicans were chasing the GOP presidential nomination, including Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, but Donald Trump was considered a favorite since the beginning and as the one that would be able to secure a victory in the rematch against their rival, President Joe Biden, in the upcoming November general election. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the first to drop out of the race and suspend his campaign for the Republican nomination more than two months ago as it became clear to him that the voters wanted to give the former president Donald Trump another chance. Nikki Haley failed to secure a victory after the Super Tuesday contests that took place in several states and subsequently suspended the campaign for the Republican nomination as well.

Endorsement for Donald Trump

Unlike Ron DeSantis, who endorsed Donald Trump following the campaign suspension and also urged voters to support him when the time comes as he is “superior to President Joe Biden”, Nikki Haley refused to honor the Republican National Committee loyalty pledge to endorse the party’s presumptive nominee after her campaign suspension and said that it was his responsibility to garner the support of those within the party.

Stage Set for Rematch Between Trump and Biden

As President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump both secured the minimum required delegates in the primaries with their respective parties and are expected to be confirmed as the presidential nominees for the 2024 general election at their parties’ conventions this summer, the stage is already set for a rematch.

Weakening Support Among Republicans

But the signs are not good for Trump. Nikki Haley’s stance following her campaign suspension as well as a survey recently conducted by AP VoteCast where significant portion of the participants said that they would be less likely to vote for Trump in the general election if he were to be renominated, show that the Republicans are deeply divided ahead of their most important battle in four years. Another warning sign for Trump came to the surface following the Florida primary.

Warning signs for Trump in Florida

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Donald Trump faced a significant setback in the recent Florida primary, signaling a potential shift in his support base within the Republican Party. Despite securing a win with 910,857 votes, amounting to 81.2% of the total, the primary revealed a considerable dissent among Republican voters. A significant number, around 197,000 or 17.8%, cast their votes for Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis, both of whom had already withdrawn from the race.

Analyzing the Shift in Voter Sentiment

This primary outcome in Florida is particularly striking when compared to Trump’s performance in the 2020 presidential election and its preceding primaries. Back in 2020, Trump dominated the Florida primary with about 94% of the Republican vote, showcasing strong support within his party. However, the recent primary results suggest a decline in this steadfast support. In the 2020 general election, Trump narrowly clinched Florida with 51.2% of the vote against Joe Biden’s 47.9%, highlighting the state’s pivotal role and its competitive political landscape.

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The GOP’s Internal Struggle

The division within the Republican Party seems to be deepening, as evidenced by the votes cast for Haley and DeSantis. Despite both candidates having exited the race, Haley garnered 13.9% of the vote (155,461 votes), while DeSantis received 3.7% (41,233 votes), according to the Associated Press. These figures are indicative of a party at a crossroads, with a faction of GOP moderates openly expressing their refusal to support Trump’s candidacy.

Recent weeks have seen increased infighting within the Republican Party, both in Congress and the Republican National Committee. This internal discord, coupled with the primary results, suggests a challenging path ahead for Trump as he gears up for the November presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden.

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Political Commentators’ observations

Political commentators and strategists are taking note of these developments. Democratic strategist Matt McDermott remarked on X, formerly Twitter, “This is not a united Republican Party,” pointing to the evident fractures. Similarly, progressive commentator Luke Beasley observed that the votes lost to Haley, especially considering her performance in the Georgia Republican primary, signify “Trump is in trouble in Florida.

As the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee approaches in July, where Trump will be confirmed as the 2024 nominee, the unfolding dynamics within the party and among its voter base will be crucial. The Florida primary has underscored the hurdles Trump faces, not just from Democrats but from within his own party, pointing to a potentially rocky road to the 2024 election.

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