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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz claims bribery in GOP ranks could endanger Trump’s 2024 run


Florida – Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida has stirred controversy by suggesting that the current GOP majority in the House of Representatives is under threat from within. According to Gaetz, there is a real possibility that some Republicans might be swayed to undermine their own party due to bribery, effectively flipping control to the Democrats.

Unstable Majorities and Internal Conflicts

Speaking candidly on his podcast, Gaetz expressed his concerns about the stability of the Republican majority, which stands precariously at 218-213, leaving little room for error or defection. The situation is made more volatile by four vacant seats, which further complicate the Republican hold on the House.

Gaetz, known for his forthright style, didn’t mince words about the potential for corruption among his colleagues: “I do believe in a one seat majority there could be one or two or three of my colleagues who would take a bribe in one form or another in order to deprive the Republicans of a majority at all,” he remarked.

This isn’t the first time Gaetz has been involved in leadership shake-ups. He led a movement to oust former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last year, confident at the time that the GOP majority was secure. However, today’s thinner margin has amplified his fears of potential defections that could hand control to the Democrats.

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Dire Predictions and Political Maneuvering

The implications of such a shift in power could be significant. Gaetz warned that if the Democrats manage to seize control, they would move swiftly on several controversial fronts. Top of their agenda, he suggested, would be to legislate Donald Trump out of presidential contention by declaring him an insurrectionist, which would pose a legal barrier to his candidacy in future elections.

Following such a move, Gaetz predicts a wave of progressive legislation reminiscent of the American Rescue Plan, pushing fiscal policies far beyond current limits: “That’ll be their leadoff hitter, and then the chaser to that shot will be a massive spending package that looks a lot more like the American Rescue Plan. They will blow past every concept of every cap ever imagined. You’ll be looking at Universal Basic Income, you could be looking at packing the Supreme Court.”

A Fractured Party Facing External Challenges

The discussion on Gaetz’s podcast wasn’t just limited to his own predictions. Fellow far-right Florida Republican member of Congress, Anna Paulina Luna, also weighed in, suggesting that the introduction of a motion to vacate the Speaker could trigger immediate resignations from moderate Republican members, which would likely tip the balance in favor of a Democratic Speaker.

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This scenario underscores the current fractures within the Republican Party, as it struggles to maintain unity in the face of ambitious Democratic strategies and internal dissent. Gaetz’s remarks highlight the precarious nature of the current Republican majority and suggest a potentially tumultuous lead-up to the next election cycle, emphasizing the high stakes and political drama unfolding in the U.S. Capitol.

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