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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio slams Biden: Calls recent immigration efforts a joke, claiming millions will still cross illegally


Florida – President Joe Biden has finally taken steps to address the illegal immigration crisis that has heavily impacted border states, especially California and Texas. On Tuesday, President Biden announced his decision to sign an executive order aimed at curbing illegal immigration, a move that has sparked significant controversy and debate.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio slams Biden: Calls recent immigration efforts a joke, claiming millions will still cross illegally

Details of Biden’s Executive Order

According to a senior White House administration official, the executive order will temporarily halt asylum requests once the average number of daily encounters surpasses 2,500 between official ports of entry. Given that this threshold has already been met, the shutdown would take effect immediately. The border would only reopen when that number drops to 1,500. The order is issued under the Immigration and Nationality Act sections 212(f) and 215(a), which suspend the entry of noncitizens who cross the southern border unlawfully.

Senior administration officials elaborated that “individuals who cross the southern border unlawfully or without authorization will generally be ineligible for asylum, absent exceptionally compelling circumstances, unless they are accepted by the proclamation.”

Texas’ Efforts and the Changing Dynamics

Texas has been at the forefront of state efforts to secure the border, implementing a set of controversial measures under the Operation Lone Star program, which launched more than three years ago. Texas, with the support of several Republican-led states, has spent approximately $10 billion on border security measures, including monitoring the border, building a border wall, installing razor wire, and bussing migrants to sanctuary states and cities. These efforts have significantly reduced illegal border crossings in Texas, forcing many migrants to seek alternative entry points, such as California.

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While migrant encounters have been declining along the Texas border, California has seen an increase in illegal crossings, putting pressure on the state’s southern regions. Predictions indicated that California might experience a record-high number of entries this fiscal year. However, it remains uncertain whether these predictions will hold true in light of Biden’s executive order, especially as crossings typically increase during the summer months.

Marco Rubio’s Criticism

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has joined the chorus of Republicans criticizing President Biden’s executive order to restrict asylum at the southern border. Rubio dismissed the plan as a “joke” and argued that it would not significantly reduce the number of illegal border crossings, even if fully implemented.

“Biden’s new border ‘plan’ is a joke,” Rubio said in a post on the social media platform X. “Even if Biden actually enforced it fully (which he won’t), it would still allow close to a million people a year to cross illegally ON TOP OF the 10 million he has already allowed in over the last 3 years.”

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Rubio further emphasized his point by sharing a post by Bill Melugin, a California-based national correspondent for Fox News, which detailed why Biden’s executive order should not be described as “shutting down” the border.

Concerns Over the Executive Order’s Effectiveness

Critics argue that Biden’s executive order does not effectively address the broader issues at the border. According to Melugin’s post, the order bans asylum for some illegal crossers but includes several exceptions. It does not stop or slow the release of up to 1,500 migrants per day via the CBP One app at ports of entry, nor does it address the up to 30,000 migrants per month entering the U.S. through Biden’s mass parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans.

Biden’s executive order is seen as a response to mounting pressure from both sides of the political spectrum to address the immigration crisis. However, its effectiveness remains in question, especially given the ongoing efforts by states like Texas to secure their borders independently. The controversy surrounding the executive order highlights the deep divisions within American politics regarding immigration policy.

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As the debate continues, it is clear that Biden’s measures have not satisfied critics like Senator Rubio, who view the administration’s efforts as insufficient. The coming months will be critical in determining whether the executive order can achieve its intended goals or if it will face further challenges and adjustments.

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