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Illegal street takeover leads to fatal crash and multiple charges in Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach, Florida – Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested 22-year-old Kenroy Jackson Jr., after a street takeover led to a fatal crash. The incident, which resulted in the death of a bicyclist, occurred on April 28, shortly after 12:30 a.m.

Fatal Consequences of Reckless Driving

The incident began after Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) deputies were alerted to a street takeover at the intersection of McNab Road and Andrews Avenue.

As they responded, Kenroy Jackson Jr., driving a 2017 Mercedes C300 coupe, collided with a marked BSO K9 vehicle. Fleeing the scene, Jackson Jr. sped northbound on Andrews Avenue.

According to detectives, Jackson Jr. tried to maneuver a curve but lost control of his vehicle, causing it to spin clockwise and veer towards the bicycle lane and sidewalk. At this moment, Eric Gray was cycling southbound in the designated bicycle lane of northbound Andrews Avenue.

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The rear driver’s side of Jackson Jr.’s car struck the front of Gray’s bicycle, projecting both the bicycle and Gray northward, while Jackson Jr.’s vehicle slid further north before rolling backward across the median.

The vehicle stopped on the median facing east, and Gray and his bicycle ended up in the northbound lanes of Andrews Avenue. Pompano Beach Fire Rescue declared Gray deceased at the scene.

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Arrest and Charges

Following the collision, Jackson Jr. attempted to escape on foot but was quickly apprehended by deputies. He was subsequently booked into the BSO Main Jail. The charges he faces are serious, including aggravated fleeing with serious injury or death, aggravated battery on an officer, reckless driving causing serious bodily injury, and participation in an unlawful race.

Authorities have indicated that additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

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