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Republicans criticize Trump’s recent “low blow” toward Florida fellow member


Florida – The former president Donald Trump has recently sought a GOP challenger to unseat Representative Laurel Lee of Florida’s 15th Congressional District in the upcoming primary elections. This move by Trump, who remains a pivotal figure in the party and the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential race, has ignited a series of public rebukes from within his own ranks, highlighting discord over his tactics and approach toward fellow Republicans.

Republicans criticize Trump's recent "low blow" toward Florida fellow member

GOP Discord Over Trump’s Tactics

Representative Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, has publicly criticized former President Donald Trump’s approach towards a fellow Republican colleague, Representative Laurel Lee of Florida. This criticism stems from Trump’s recent social media activity, where he seemingly aimed to incite a challenge against Lee’s position in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Donald Trump, who is seen as the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential race, took to Truth Social last week, questioning if there were any “great MAGA [Make American Great Again] Republicans” willing to oppose Representative Laurel Lee in her reelection campaign for Florida’s 15th District. Lee, who has had a notable political career, including serving as Florida’s secretary of state under Governor Ron DeSantis, initially supported DeSantis’ presidential campaign. However, following DeSantis’ withdrawal from the race, Lee shifted her support to Trump.

Despite Lee’s current lack of GOP challengers for her 2024 reelection campaign, Trump’s call for opposition has sparked significant backlash from within conservative circles, particularly from those who supported DeSantis’ bid for the presidency. Representative Thomas Massie expressed his disapproval on X (formerly Twitter), labeling Trump’s actions as “unhelpful and unwarranted.” Massie praised Lee as a “conservative thoughtful member of the judiciary committee” and criticized the former president’s “ridiculous bullying tactics.” His call for more colleagues to speak out against such tactics was met with agreement from Representative Chip Roy of Texas, who also supported DeSantis and responded with a simple, “Co-sponsor.”

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Even George Santos, the former New York Representative known for his staunch support of Trump but who was expelled from Congress, weighed in on the situation. Despite his alignment with Trump, Santos expressed disagreement with the former president’s stance on Lee, “Love Trump and think he’s dead wrong on the Laurel Lee situation. My two cents for what it’s worth…”

Potential Challengers Emerge

The fallout from Trump’s post was immediate, with several prominent Trump supporters voicing their willingness to consider a run against Lee. Among them was Jackie Toledo, a former Florida state lawmaker and a previous opponent of Lee in a GOP congressional primary. Toledo’s enthusiastic response to Trump’s call underscores the MAGA movement’s influence and its readiness to mobilize against perceived disloyalty.

Far-right activist Laura Loomer also expressed interest, buoyed by a significant number of calls from Republican officials encouraging her to challenge Lee. Loomer’s previous congressional campaigns, though unsuccessful, showcased her ability to raise substantial funds, a factor she believes might curry favor with Trump.

This unfolding drama within the GOP highlights the tensions and divisions that can arise from the complex interplay of loyalty, political strategy, and personal ambition. As the 2024 elections approach, the Republican Party faces the challenge of navigating these internal conflicts while preparing for the national electoral stage.

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